I need a turntable for my widowmaker...

Hi all.

My fabulous wife bought me a Widowmaker statue for our anniversary... and it's awesome!

But I've been trying to look for something and am failing. I wonder, if anyone here collects scale figures, where you can get a solar powered turntable?

I looked at amazon and I can only really see jewellery ones. managed to find one for marvel figures, but because they "advertise" its specifically for these, they're like 80 quid!!

Anyone got any recommendations of where I can get one that's not stupidly overpriced?

For anything related to turntables, I would recommend Instrument Top.

I don't know about buying them, but it sounds like a decent DIY project. Buy a small motor and plastic gearbox, set them up so there is a nice slow spin, attach a circle platform to it. Boom! Should be cheap enough to do, and not require any special tools.


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