Introducing one of the best anime character I've ever seen-an old guy


Ichiro Inuyashiki from the anime Inuyashiki. So what's up with the old fart? The guy was involved with Alien DUI and was put into what can pretty much summed as "terminator skeleton on crack". So with the power to destroy countries what does the guy do?

He saves people, cures people from paralysis and deals with Yakuza in some of the most horrific non-lethal manner I've seen.

While there are no shortage of good guys in any media there's something really nice about him, the guy was pretty much a loser, he wasn't noticed much even by is family and recieving said power boost he decides to play a super hero as best as he can and cries when he fails.

Oh you just watched Inuyashiki huh, its pretty good but what I love about the series is the duality between the cyborgs, one helps people and the other just slaughters. Also I still think how beyond cruel Inuyashiki dealt with the Yakuza, I mean even the Punisher would think he is going too far.

I'm glad they waited till the manga finished before making the anime. That is all.

I really like the intro song of this anime, probably gonna be like Tiger Mask and I end up watching the OP every single episode. And this anime even uses 3d models in a not shitty way, and in no way resembles that nightmare that was berserk.

I'm excited for each episode now, and I saw a single panel from the manga that features a certain real world person, and reaaallly can't wait for that part.

And this anime even uses 3d models in a not shitty way, and in no way resembles that nightmare that was berserk.

Considering the nightmarish nature of what we were supposed to see in Berserk i think the shitty 3D actually enhanced the effect.

Just wanted to say a Big thank you, I've been looking for something good to watch lately and had not been having much luck.
I will definitely be keeping on eye on this series.

Darn, no results for Inuyashiki on crunchyroll. Any other good sites to try and watch that?


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