Things Writers Should Look At: General info

So for those of us that are writers, wanabe writers, fan fic authors, and so on and so on, what are some things you think we should look at? Be polight and list your reasons (max 10 per post)

1. Overly Sarcastic Productions: This due take a look at history, novels, legends, and tropes and do so with great art, and witty diologe with Fire Being a major reason to watch the youtube Chanel in and of itself.

2. List 25: They do a list of 25 of topics ranging from fun things like things animals, life hacks, games, and so on to things of a little more serious nature like forms of executions, deadliest conflicts, most dangerous toys. they have their own site, but also a youtube page

3. TEDTALKS: If you are not watching them, start NOW. They have everything from music, to medicine, to crime and justice, science, education, religion, and so on. Why are you waiting, just go there now. I'll wait.

4. Most Documentaries on Animals living or recently extinct: This could take up a top 100 list in and of itself, so here we go. If you are going to have any kind of animal in there, it be nice to have some cursory knowledge on them. Just enough to know that even a 5 year old kid who thinks sharks are awesome won't be able to rip your thing apart with all the inconsistencies. Even in stories that take a more fantastic approach, you can use a live animal to get some ideas in how they could move or act. Also we live in a world where something called the bombardier beetle that can shoot a 300 degree coctail out of its butt exists. I think you can grab something there.

5. Most things on Ancient animals like Mega Fauna and Dinosaurs: This is practically its own thing, but if you are going to include creates like this or of similar size, it be great to get an idea how they work. That and the fact that if you want to go wild and crazy, like a dinosaur with large scythe like talons to give it the nick name of "Reaper Lizard," or a large shark like fish with a set of teeth arrayed like a buzz saw.

6. Myth Busters: Watch the DVD's, the reruns, and so on. They take a look at myths or common idioms and see how they work. It is a great show to see something explode and make you think.

7. Most things made by Ken Burns: He is a filmmaker that does highly detailed work, using images and video of the time he is talking about, current video of the locations, and interviews with experts while actors voice over different letters or quotes done by different individuals. On my Netflix account alone, I have Prohibition (about the America's Prohibition of Alcohol), The War (WW2), The American Civil War, Base Ball, The American Western Expansion, and its national parks. Currently on PBS he is doing a series on the Vietnam war. His work is detailed, and and paints a picture most of us would not see otherwise

8. Drugs Inc. A national Geographic series that follows the production, transportation, sale, use, and all the effects of drugs ranging from what we tend to think of like Marijuana and Cocain, to even more potent and dangerous concoctions like Krokodile (which is the first episode and starts off with showing a woman who's body is literally rotting like a zombie in places because of it).

9. Underground Inc: Similar to Drugs Inc, this looks at all other illegal aspects ranging from Ghost Guns, to Prostitution, to scams, to even illegal immigration.

10. Gangland: What started on the History Chanel has continued on Spike TV, its a show that details some of the most notorious criminal elements in the United states, such as the KKK, the Bloods, the Mexican Mafia, the Italian Mafia, and so on.

Think these are great or have other ideas, post them beleow


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