Can't remember an old cartoon and its protagonists

Me and my roommate were going down nostalgia lane by talking about old cartoons we used to watch when we were younger. I remember one very clearly, especially the characters, but I can't recall the name of the show for the life of me...

The show is an alien sci-fi cartoon. The two main characters wore black outfits that only covered up to their chests. They wore boots that were very high-heel like with sharp, pointed heels and pointed tips. Their arms and legs were drawn in a stick figure style. One of them was short and round, had rather lazy looking eyes and a massive under bite. He also had red hair. The other was tall, very skinny, and had almost rabbit like ears. His eyes were vertical lines if I recall correctly.

Can anyone else place these characters and the show they're associated with? Unfortunately I don't have the channel associated with it either, but I swear it was either Teletoon or Cartoon Network

Easy, it's Kaput & Zosky.

Holy shit that was fast, I knew one of them started with a Z! Thank you so much!


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