I am looking for this sole piece of tech and I need someone here to help me out.

Ok so I wear these headphones called the HyperX Headset:


If you look at the thing on the left of the image next to the headphones basically that thing allows me to use the Microphone of the headphones and have a 7.1 surround sound feature. You plug the jack of the headphone on it and hook it up on the computer with a USB.

But mine has malfucntioned and doesn't work so all I have is the headphones, I am wondering if anyone here can tell me if I can get another of that USB attachement thing alone without having to buy a whole different headset.

That looks like the HyperX Cloud II.

Weird, it's available on the Kingston website. Does Kingston make these headphones?


Sorry, that link is direct to the replacement card. I guess they call it a sound card.

Note the warranty on the headphones is 2 years, while the warranty on the bit that broke on you is six months. SHADY!


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