How old is your Mac or PC?

I still own a late 2007 Macbook. I'm soon going to replace with a new one for freelancing reasons. Thing is, it's still working perfectly fine. Security support is the only real reason to upgrade. I haven't even upgraded it while I've owned it - it's still brilliant. I recently did a clean install of OS X Lion and it runs like magic even after 10 years. I'll upgrade, just because I need better software for the job I do, but man, it makes you think. Longevity on these things man. I'm going pass it on to my family who I imagine will still use it for another 5 years.

Does anyone have a really old computer that they really don't see the point in replacing, even though it's not got the latest and greatest stuff.

I have a lappy468, and its about 5 years old. Its a good trooper. I'm not huge on current gen games, but I can play the games I want on it.

My Macbook Pro is almost three years old and it's chuggin' along like a champ.

It's my everyday laptop and I use it too for work purposes. So it does go almost everywhere with me since there's a good chance that I will need it.

I do want to get a desktop so that I can play games since I want to keep those two separate at some point.

I have a HP laptop that's pushing 10, my ipad 2... I don't even know how old it is, I've had it since 2013 and it was used when I got it, and it works great when I want to watch something while I'm in the bathroom/doing shit around the house. My current PC, I built it around december 2014, and I only get into this kind of stuff when it's time to upgrade, so I don't even remember what's my current set up. All I know is it's a AMD CPU and AMD GPU because I've had terrible luck with Intel and Nvidia. It was pretty good 3 years ago and it still is, imo.

My Asus GTX 780 is three and a half years old. My I5-4670k is a month or two older. I can still run almost any new game decently.

I'm in the same boat with a 2007 Acer Aspire, though I do need to update soon. The last version of Firefox supported by my system doesn't want to play MP4 videos, the video card (a GeForce 8600GT) died about a year ago, and newer software barely runs on this old junker. Plus the CPU's fan housing needs to be replaced.

I'm looking forward to a badly needed replacement early next year. Though I dread to wonder what software and features won't make the transition from Windows XP to Linux Mint. All my work software will be fine, but I've got older games I doubt have ports, and my experience with virtual machines has been pretty hit-or-miss.

Couldn't tell you. All I know is that I've had it for a bit over three years now and someone had it before I did.

My custom made pc is about over five or six years old.

My CPU is about a month or two old, along with the motherboard, RAM and liquid cooler.
GPU is about a year or so old I think? Maybe two now, and the PSU is the same.
Both HDs are under a year old as I needed the extra space, then one died on me around the time I replaced the CPU and mobo.
Case is now the oldest thing I had from the original build, going on nearly 5 years.

My ATX case is like 16-17 years old. I had to beat parts of it with a hammer ... I'm not spending 50 dollars when all my current one just needed a little TLC with an angle grinder and drilling some new holes in it to fit some new parts.

My Inspiron 15 7537 Laptop is now 4 years old as of today. 2018 is probably the last year I'll be using it as well, before upgrading to another Gaming Laptop or PC.

My HP laptop is from 2008 but most of its components were upgraded or replaced since.
I built my main PC last year but mostly from scrap or used parts of various age, the oldest being the case from a Pentium IV. The rest is mostly from 2008-2010 with some new bits.

Eh, my PC has different ages. I bought a new motherboard and an i7-3770 quite a few years ago. I swapped my 8gb for 16gb ram like...2~3 years ago, and I believe I bought my GTX 970 early last year. Plus I got a new case a few months ago at most.

I bought a full PC like 10 years ago, and ever since I've just been upgrading one or two pieces of hardware every now and then.

My laptop is from 2012. I just assume it can't run anything until it does, so I'm always pleasantly surprised.

My PC is an eclectic menagerie of parts collected over the last 6 years. The oldest components in my PC are the motherboard and CPU, circa 2011. The GPU is like 8 months old.

I also have a Toshiba laptop that is ancient, like 2007 vintage. It, seriously, has trouble running Spotify. I don't like using it anymore, doing so is like watching a preview into my own inevitable decline into old age, obsolescence, decrepitation, and eventually death. Computers shouldn't trigger existential crises. At least not like that.

I have a gaming rig that is pushing 3 years.
Surface Pro 4 at a span of 2 years.
A refurbished 2014 Macbook Pro that I got a month ago that is running rather well.

I also have a 2011 Macbook Air that I've used from time to time and a 3 year old linux laptop for when I want to try some linux related stuff.

Basically I have more computers than I can handle right now.

My gaming PC will be 2 years old next April. No plans nor need to upgrade anytime soon.

My old gaming laptop is going on 5 years old now. It's mostly fine. Except the dedicated GPU. That's busted. Which is fine since it happened around the time I got my PC above, the integrated still works, so the laptop got relegated to "laze around on my bed watching movies/series" duty.

I got an APU 3.5 years ago. Always have trouble running games on it that isn't Fallout 4 (which miraculously ran almost perfect for well over 100 hrs.)

My custom PC machine is around ten years old as well, works well. With one of the original i7 no less, the old 970. Yet, never had a problem , as it ran EU4 and strategy games well.Editing programs worked just as well , though i am now thinking of upgrading as the processor i can see will become a bottle neck at some point.

I have Fujitsu laptop's from 2000 until now and still use it

Well, I'm not really sure that I can put a timestamp on my PC.

I built it in January 2011, but the only thing in the PC that is the same as when I built it, is the CD drive.

My laptop is 4.5 years. I'm going to purchase a Mac in the next month.

I actually have quite a few old computers for different reasons.

1. A retro Win98/XP gaming computer with a PIII 1GHZ CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 64MB Geforce 4 Card. -15-17 years old Gaming PC

2. A retro Windows 2000 workstation with a P4 3.4GHZ CPU, 2GB of RAM, Quadro 3000 256MB GPU, and 2x 15000RPM SAS Drives (36 & 72 GB). -13 years old for 3DS Max 5 and Maya 6.

3. Retro Windows XPx64 workstation with 2x Opteron 285 2.6GHZ Dual Cores, 6GB of ECC RAM, Quadro FX4600 768 MB, 2x WD Raptor 10000RPM 300GB SATA Drives. -12 Years Old for Lightwave 3D 8.5 and 9.3

4. Dell Precision t5400 Vista Ultimate workstation with 2x Xeon 5450 3.0GHZ, 16GB of ECC RAM, Quadro FX 5800 4GB, 2x 15000RPM SAS 300GB Drives. -10 Year old Workstation for 3DS Max 2009 Student and Blender 3D, and benchmarking GPUs.

5. I have not put it together yet but I have a Vista gaming build with a Core2 Quad Q9650 3GHZ, 8GB of RAM, 3x GTX 9800+. -10(ish) year old system to compare professional hardware to.

6. Windows 7 gaming build with i7 940, 12GB of RAM, variable GPUs. -8 year old gaming PC which is also used to benchmark DX11 GPUs.

I want to build myself a Dell Precision t7600 and load it with 2x Xeon 2690s, 32-64GB of ECC RAM, 2x Tesla 2075 and a Quadro k5000, with a couple of SSDs to simulate an early GPU rendering system. But I do not have the moola for that right now, what with other expenses I have to worry about right now. - 5 year old System for 3DS Max 2014 and Blender 3D.

For comparison: My actual workstation is an HP z620, 2x 2680v2, 64GB ECC RAM, 2x Asus 1070 Turbo (NO! This system does not support SLI with these cards, they are for rendering in Redshift), 4x 512GB SSD, Windows 7 Pro. I plan on adding a PCIe SSD for Rendering/Simulation Cache and either replacing the 2 Geforce cards (and putting them into my rendering NODE) with Quadro P/V 4000s or replacing only one of them with a Fire/Radeon Pro card since their drivers (which I need) mix well with Geforce cards while Quadro's cannot.

-1-4 years old with parts from many different years that I use for Maya 2016, Redshift, Blender 3D, Photoshop CS6, ZBrush 4r8, Painting 2016, and finally Substance Painter 2018. I will get 3D coat soon for its strong retopology tools.

Look at that wall'o'text, I made dis, yeeees.

I'm running an Intel 6700k, 16GB of DDR4, and an AMD RX Vega 56, so overall fairly new stuff :P

I still own a 2008 Asus laptop, still running on Windows Vista, still no history of repair. :D

mine is 1week old

That depends. If we're going by since last upgrade, then about 6 months, which was a GPU upgrade. If its by the oldest piece of internal hardware its about 4 years. If you want to get super pedantic about it, I salvaged the case from a previous build, so its much older than that, so I more or less have Theseus' PC.

My HP laptop is 4 years old. I remember the first days :))

Early 2015 Macbook for work, video editing and script writing, note taking at class, etc...

2009 era Mac Mini (that thing is pathetically bad, its essentially an emergency computer)

2011 custom built Gaming Rig that has been trucking on Win 7 ever since, recently put in my 3rd graphics card in it. It'll probably bite the dust in three years if I'm lucky. If not, I intend to play it online until Microsoft pulls the security updates from 7 and then I'll make it an offline singleplayer only computer and build a new PC.

Putting off Windows 10 as long as humanly possible.

Ok, so a little update. My 5 year old gaming laptop mentioned above pretty much died on me. The battery and the screen both crapped out in rapid succession. Fixable, but along with the busted GPU, I didn't feel like spending that amount of effort on aging hardware.

Got a new one instead. Slightly weaker specs overall, but considerably cheaper and it'll mostly serve as multimedia machine anyway. Maybe some retro gaming on the side.

One day old.


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