Favourite things to do outside of films/TV and video games?

Quite a general thread but I wanted to see what people's hobbies were outside normal Escapist topics (i.e watching films/TV or gaming).

The reason I'm interested is I'm recovering from a recent illness and trying to get my lust for life back. I want some inspiration to get into something new that I might enjoy. I used to exercise a lot but I can't now. I still read some psychology and history as well as some Fiction (esp Terry Pratchett). I also still play chess sometimes, listen to a music and occasionally play guitar (but nowhere near as much as I used to). I write as well, but it sort of takes the fun out of it when you write marketing copy for a living.

How about you guys?

I tend to listen Orchestral Scores of anything. Listening to Halo 3: ODST's music.

Board games are awesome (the real ones, not like Monopoly or Risk or Cards Against Humanity) and require you to be social as well. I probably board game more than video game nowadays. Meet some gamers in your area, become friends, then you can all go out and do Escape Rooms, which are a blast.

This thread is familiar, but whatever. Short version then.

Play bass, pen & paper rpgs, cooking, reading manga/books/comics, enjoying a good whiskey.

Reading, writing, wiki editing

music is answers

Cooking, usually while listening to some rock from the 70's. Grilled Catfish this sunday night!

I tend to listen Orchestral Scores of anything. Listening to Halo 3: ODST's music.

I put that soundtrack on last night to fall asleep! Defense in the darkness is the best!

If you count Internet videos as TV/films, then to play Magic: The Gathering cards, to read books in my smartphone, to hear audiobooks (Jam and Will Save the Galaxy for Food are pretty entertaining, and they are narrated by Yahtzee himself). I also waste an unreasonable amount of time posting meaningless comments in unremarkable forums.

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Besides Escapism in all it's forms, I also like to collect and organize coins and rocks...pretty rocks.. shiny gems?
Oh yes, photographing animals/nature and hunt for mushrooms as well.

Enjoying the peaceful scenery, taking long drives with no destination in mind, or just meeting up with friends to socialize and catch up.

I listen to classic rock music, and I read novels. Nothing spectacular. Sometimes I write short stories that I'm never going to do anything with.

I like reading comics(mostly Punisher stuff) and listening to music(mostly 80s rock).

I exercise a bit too, martial arts, cardio stuff and weights mostly. But since you are looking for suggestions other than that, I'll list others below:
-playing music (mostly drums, tiny bit of guitar)
-browsing forums, watching videos on whatever. Dunno if that counts because most of the forums I'm on are games-based, but a few on other topics
-Last year I sold my car and started riding a motorcycle. That's one of the most satisfying things to do I've found, because it can be relaxing, exhilarating, mind-clearing alone time in whichever way you want. Sure, it's not the safest hobby in the world, but I love it, and am lucky to have started with my friends who are like-minded and enjoy it in much the same way.

Those are the main things, but I'm open to try new stuff as well, and dabble in other things when time/life permits. Such as:
-mountain climbing
-mountain biking
-mountain hiking
(yes, I prefer mountains to the beach, I'm half Swiss ok?)

Board games! I have what seems to be an ever growing collection of board games that are great fun. Now if I only had more time to actually play them, I'd be set.

I usually read a lot, but I find I haven't been reading too much lately. Probably because most of my books have been in storage and I my spare money has been going towards other things (like board games) rather than new books. Now that I've moved, over the next year or two as we unpack, I'll probably start reading more as my books become available again.


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