Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer revealed.

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Not the best trailer but hopefully it turns out like Rogue One and being quite good.

Not the best trailer but hopefully it turns out like Rogue One and being quite good.

Or more like Rogue One, at least has some pretty shots to make up for it's trash writing and story.

It looks, not good... Not many people asked for this, and the guy they got to play Han is just... no.

I know this is a nitpick, but the Falcon looks entirely to new. It's all bright, clean and shiny (if the bits of chrome I saw are on the Falcon. And those are words that should never be used to describe the Millennium Falcon. To me the ship has, and should, always look like a rusted-out, beaten-up bucket of bolts barely held together with duct tape, bailing wire and reckless decisions. Having it look like it just came off the assembly line ruins the character of the ship. And it calls into question the lifespan and maintenance of the ship.
This movie can't have taken place that far away from the original Star Wars trilogy, almost certainly within ten years of the first movie. And to have the Falcon go from fresh out of the shipyards to jacked-up hooptie in the span of a decade makes one wonder how it survived the run of the original trilogy (spanned at least five-six years) let alone until the new trilogy (another three or four decades).

I'm cautiously positive. This is still the most unsure about a Star Wars film that I've been so far, but the trailer made me feel a bit better about it. His voice is jarring, but he's got some of the mannerisms down (the cocky ass smirk, some speech pattern stuff) and he looks close enough for me.

Donald Glover as Lando is officially my favourite thing so far, though.

I am so pissed at Lando having not been in any of the Sequel trilogy (the worst Star Wars movies so far) that Ron Howard (a director I like) doing a back story about a character I like (Han) and including the best Rebel in Star Wars (Lando) has been enough to have me on the hype train even through the reshoots.


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