Is sarcasm a good thing or a bad thing?

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Its good as long as your either sarcastic or not - mixing sarcasm with honesty is confusing unless you know the person very well.



When you feel you need to point out when you use sarcasm, you should probably stop using sarcasm.

Sarcasm is fun because it allows me to be an asshole to people in a way that even they find funny, so nobody gets hurt.

As with most things, it depends on the context, the company its said in and a number of other things.
I use sarcasm quite regularly, but only in situations where it fits.

So to answer the question, neither. It depends entirely on other things, it can't be inherently 'good' or 'bad'.

NOOOO, it's HORRIBLE. I just can't STAND sarcasm. It's the cause of all the world's ills. If I hear one more sarcastic comment, I'll KILL myself.


Seriously, though, I love sarcasm, and have a very sarcastic and cynical sense of humor.

I like it because Americans just dont get it! Makes for some awkward situations, let me tell you!

Please. America invented sarcasm. 0_o

I dunno, why don't you tell me, genius?

I mean, how can you resist?

While it can be used for evil by mean people and assholes, I think Sarcasm is a tool best used by comedians. Therefor, it is a general Nuclear Power...only without the flesh boiling potential of course

We can always give it flesh boiling potential!

You know I just hate sarcasm and I myself would never use it! *snigger snigger snigger*
It is my main form of humour, so I don't care if it's right or wrong. I would support it either way.

the stonker:
Simple question which I'm going to explain.
Now people call sarcasm a humour but what about when it's directed at you in a mean way?

Sarcasm is any speech directed towards another in a way used to show contempt.

Some people deserve it, as a lack of contempt for every human being you come across is unhealthy and makes you prone to exploitation.

That said, verbal irony which is a common way to express sarcasm, is often not received as well, as many fucktards wouldn't know irony if it smashed them in their face and said 'FUCK YOU I AM IRONY.'

However, verbal irony does not necessarily express sarcasm. Observe.

Me: "Wow, you broke the world record and won the gold medal. That's impressive!"
You: "Not really, anybody could have done it."
Me: "That's true, I guess. They teach it at school these days. I learned how to run that fast before I learned to walk."
You, laughing: "Well, you must have been a super baby then. Here, let me buy you a beer, you're pretty funny."
Me: "Thanks, man. Seriously tho, you're totally my new hero."

Sarcasm is a bad thing. There are enough misunderstandings as it is.
Ludwig Wittgenstein has said something about how our languages slows down the development of society. I remember that I agreed with what he had said but I'll have to come back later with the exact quote.

I live, breath, and eat sarcasm.
If you take it away, you've killed me.

I'm British... 99% of what I say is sarcastic, So of course it must be awesome.

Was that sarcastic? ...I'm not entirely sure myself.

I love sarcasm, it's the reason some people like me but dislike directly conversing with me.
Also, why doesn't Escapist support  ? How else will you guys know when I'm being sarcastic?

It's an amazing thing. Especially because some people don't get it and just think I'm crazy.

Sarcasm is great as it is a really witty form of humour. However, if taken the wrong way it can lead to hurt feelings and unwanted arguments.

Examples of sarcasm in pop culture? Chandler Bing from FRIENDS and Richie Velch from THE CLASS.

Why the sarcasm is funny there? It's because the characters react to the sarcasm in a humorous way. Unlike real life whereby people are more sensitive and may not see eye-to-eye with what you say.

In short, better to /sarcasm with people who know you well enough to take your sarcasm lightly.

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