The one question they always ask you that you hate

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Are you sick? jeez your as white as a ghost!
No i'm just pale (anaemia)

Why do you dye your hair that black?( I don't obviously)
Why do you have a girls name?(Again I don't, Ashley is accepted for both genders)

I'm pretty sure Ashley is a girls name.

I get tired of people asking me why I'm wearing my duster in the summer. Because it's my rain coat!

And I quote:

"So... you wouldn't fuck [female celebrity name] then?"

For the 500th time random drunken friends of my housemates: I'm gay! I don't do women. No, not even Megan Fox. Or Beyonce. I do guys, women are not on any of my to-do lists. There are no exceptions to this fact, please stop inquiring as to whether there are certain women I would, in fact, sleep with.

There aren't. Kindly shut your face.

"Do you have a twin brother?" Only asked because I have SLIGHT similarities in physical appearance to another dude at my school.
"How are you THIS smart?" Oh I dunno, maybe I just pay attention and care about my schoolwork.

"Did you do your homework?"

You just saw me do it. FOR THE LAST HOUR. Jeezus...

I know it's been mentioned, but "you don't talk much, do you?" is a horrible question to be asked. It cannot be answered in a way that does not make you look like a complete anti-social introvert ("no", or "yes, in fact I do" (it is somewhat akin to "have you stopped beating your wife" in that regard)) or absolute bastard ("I do, I just make a point of not talking to idiots, that's all").

'Wow, really?' as a responce to any question I've just answered. No I just thought I'd screw with you. Oh course really!

"Why would you major in that? What can you possibly do with a degree in English?"[1]

"Oh, you're an English major? You must be planning on becoming a teacher, then?"

L'enfer, c'est les autres. You were right all along, Jean-Paul. You were right all along.

[1] English Literature. I'm not even a creative writer.

Wow that this thread took off when I wasn't looking

Recently - after applying to be an extra in the upcoming film World War Z that's being shot in my city (I've only filled out a form to see if I will be accepted)

"So when you going to be filming/on the big screen"
"Is the film any good?"
"Are you going to be a zombie?"

I don't know all I've done is get a headshot taken and filled in a form saying I'm fine with being a beggar in it -.-

I'm sure it's been said on here before, but "When did you decide to be gay?" tends to make me mad, and I get it a lot. It's just ignorant on so many levels.

When you stand up on the bus and the person next to you blocking you in to the window stares and goes "oh, do you want off?". NO I just felt like standing up in a moving vehicle, thanks.

This also becomes 5x more annoying when they know you want off then proceed to sit there until you make the point that they have to move for you to actually get out (with me having to vault over someone one time as well)

I'm amazed how many times this happens and how dumb each person involved is

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