Poll: Which type of ice cube is best?

Not all ice cubes are created equal. When I was growing up my parents never cooked, so we ate fast food for nearly every meal. In every restaurant, there are a multitude of differences between ice cubes. My personal favorite are the ice pellets of shaved ice. These shaved ice pellets were awesome, since they would absorb the soda and make something of a slushie. Other restaurants (Pizza Hut IIRC) have rounded ice cubes with holes in the center. Nothing special, but it was fun to hook them onto straws and throw them.

In my personal opinion, the worst of all is crushed ice. Statistically from my experience these machines break down more often than not, and even in working condition are not consistent with the amount of ice they offer.

Ice cubes are not a passion of mine, but I'd like to see what others think about the types of ice cubes. Feel free to share any grievances you may have with the machines as well.

I like reverse-osmosis ice, though the makers for it are REALLY expensive.

And for those of you who don't know them by their fancy name, reverse-osmosis ice is the tube-shaped ice.

Crushed. But that's just my style...

I prefer the traditional ice cube since I always had those when I add it to my drink. I usually don't like shaved ice as I think that is too much well for me (brain freeze).

The round tube ones with the hole through the middle.

I like to stick my straw through them so I can easily identify it between the rest.

The rounded ones are so much fun.

The ones made out of water.

Perhaps this Icecube? I think thats better than frozen water, yes.

The ones made out of water.

Screw that, dry ice works better and looks awesome.

But if you can't find any dry ice, I suppose crushed is the next best option. Lots of surface area.

cold, mixed with heavly solid ones and ones with lots of bubbles you can crunch like some sort of popsicle. as long as there are no impurities in the base water im happy....

now then for the real question. why do you want to know? any particular reason? just randomly wondering?


Definitely the NWA era one

Crushed, and this is not relevant, but maybe that is just me being cold... That was horrible, that pun will not even be funny when hell freezes over.

When can I issue my formal apology to the universe?

The cube one is the only good one, even then I hate putting anything but the drink into my glass. After 2 minutes all you have is a diluted drink which is half of what you originally had and half water. If you want your drink cold stick it in the fridge.


Genuine curiousity. It's not something people bring up, but I've wondered what other people's preferences were. The restaurants probably have to determine what type of fountain drink dispenser to purchase, just wondering if there were to be any market research done what would be the prevailing opinion of the types of cubes.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into it.

For non-water drinks, I generally prefer it to be chilled already or with traditional from-a-tray ice. For water however, I admit to enjoying crushed every now and again.

Traditional. Best ones to OM NOM NOM! on.

I actually prefer my drinks to be at room temperature. Other than that I love frappucino which is like blended ice and coffee: noticing ice in those points out a bad one basically.

I do like spherical and, oval shaped ice though.

I'm really against ice, especially at restaurants and even more so at fast-food places. Just wastes cup volume and I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Plus, too much ice in a glass makes me drink my sodas very quickly, which isn't particularly good for me.

I prefer just sticking a glass in the freezer to get it cold.

The first one is overly large and very boring, the next 3 melt too quick. so I chose other. Ice cube trays that have different shapes instead of the boring traditional ones. Personaly i am a fan of boob shaped ice cubes, but the ladies can get penis shaped ones.

I don't really like ice cubes at all. When you go to a restaurant the soda tends to be pretty cold anyways, it doesn't need ice, and if you use ice all you're really doing is deluding the soda with what will eventually be melted water. And at home I mostly just drink water, which I've never felt any need to put ice in. It tastes fine to me at room temperature, I don't need it to be cold.


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