Things you wish people would stop recommending you (games film or tv)

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I'm sure you have had this where a series of games, or a genre, or even just a particular title you don't like and people assume because you like other tangential things you must like this even though you have played/listened to/watched the thing enough to know its not your sort of thing.

For me theres three big ones
Wrpgs (people assume since i like fantasy setting that i will enjoy these, and i just don't bioware/bethesda games mean nothing to me, not that their bad, just don't like them)

Dubstep (i listen to wide varieties of music, although last year was heavily into house and techno, and people would not shut up about this frank;y uninspired subgenre)

That damn pony show, just because i watch good cartoons occasionally (fosters home, young justice,batman TAS and huge amount of anime) that i would like the colourful shallowness of it just ahh.

Share things you wish people would stop recommending you personally.

Amnesia the dark descent.

Yes I get it. It's a scary game, stop shoving it down my throat.

Death Note. Yes, I've seen it. Yes, I liked it. Everybody knows about it.

Anything anyone describes as "Powerful."

That is the quickest way to get me to not check something out. That is seriously the most annoying way to describe something. ESPECIALLY for a song.

I agree with the original poster. Ponies. I've seen it. I've seen several episode from various points in the show. And I don't like it. So people should just stop telling me to watch it (and I mean more the people I know in real life since I pretty much try to ignore the pony stuff here).

You seem angry, maybe you need some colourful equines to cheer you up?

Moving on, The biggst ones for me have to be.
Anime specifically: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and Death Note. It's not that I don't like anime but I'm starting Uni and am gonna study Japanese... So people assume I'm a huge nerd for it, I get sick of it.

Your music, I'm not very musically inclined so it really doesn't intrest me.

Loads of games. I'm not gonna play Assassins Creed, Deus Ex, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas or anything else. Why? Because I don't have a PS3 or 360 and my laptop, which did everything a none 'hardcore' wanted is now old, stop making me feel bad.
Also, CoD and WoW I never liked you. Final Fantasy you broke my heart.

Firefly. Doesn't help that alot of fans seem to somehow think the idea of a space western is completely unique.

No, I usually give most things recommended to me a go. If it's something I don't like (particularly common with music recommendations) my friends tend to get the picture right away.

4X games like Civilization and Space Empires. Crazy depth, too bad you can't really enjoy it without spending 6 months learning to play.

Reality shows. The only one I enjoyed was The Amazing Race.

Big Bang Theory. I'm the nerd in most of my social groups, so my friends keep insisting it's perfect for me. I've pointed out to them that the fact they all love it and none of them are nerds should tell them something, but they don't listen. Seen 2 episodes and hated it. Told them that. They still won't listen. So f'ing annoying.

Also, anything Jane Austen. I like good books, thank you kindly. Take your Victorian chick lit somewhere else. I hardly managed to sit through a movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, for Christs sake. I'm sure as hell not reading the book.

Starcraft just as I like WoW but I hate rts and have never played others.

Generally I find that all the things that are continually recommended to me, over time I'll eventually give them another shot and usually enjoy it. Like certain anime, League of Legends, various movies.

The Bible.

Holy snapz you got it in one!

My friend won't shut the fuck up about Paper Mario.

Okay, you love it, so do lots of other people. Just shut the hell up about it i'll buy it when im damn well ready to do so!

Honestly it just puts me off when the person doesnt STFU about it.

Not really games, films or TV but music yes, i hate going into places eg HMV and think because i like metal that im thrown in with the guys who like Slipknot and Limp Biskit, for example i bought Scream Bloody Gore by Death and Act III by Death Angel last year and some guy came up to me and said i should get the new Bullet for my Vallentine (i think, it may have been Bring me the horizon) album, i ignored him but yeah i dont like people assuming that i like emo-metal because thats whats most people listen to, if that makes sense.

Anything that costs me money. It kind of annoys me when somebody says oh you absolutely have to buy X game or movie or whatever. Piss off, you dont know what I like and why the hell should you dictate how I spend my money. I have no problem if they are offering to lend me said material but I am not going to just go out and buy something because you told me to.

There is nothing at all about deus ex that interests me. I tried it and didnt like it so stop telling me to buy it. I would rather spend the $60 on a new shirt, in fact I already did so shut up about it.

Google chrome...i wish my mates would stop trying to get me to change. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!

Elder Scrolls Oblivion. People will not stop with this one, mostly because I love Fallout 3 so much. Thing is, Fallout 3 was actually done right. I tried to play Oblivion several times. The sad problem is though that, while I love games, I am a terrible gamer. I suck at everything. And I can't get anywhere in Oblivion without getting eaten by a goddamn wolf. The distances between locations does not make the game feel more 'real' or 'expansive,' what it makes it is impossible. On the easiest setting, I leave the starting area and set out for the first town, and get eaten by wolves. EVERY. TIME. Oh, except the one time I thought I'd be smart and steal a horse. I was racing ahead of the wolves, wind in my face, thinking maybe at last I was going to really get in to this game. At which point I saw some other people passing on the road and thought hey, maybe they're traders or quest givers! So I went to talk to them... at which point they turned out to be cops who killed me for stealing the damn horse. ARRRRRRGKFNGLSDSFKL.

Never again. NEVER AGAIN.

Nothing... X3 I don't really feel people are forcing anything on me anymore. I did when Disney's "Avatar" showed up... No wait, that was that James bloke... Anyway, when that came out and for a good few months after I got constantly badgered with going to see it, but I'm not a big sci-fi geek and didn't really feel it was interesting enough (seeing as there is nothing new in story). When I finally did got around to checking it out I was actually disapointed. The hype wasn't justified at all in my mind...

These days though... No problems. No one is recommending anything more than a couple of time, and usually shut up after I say my opinion about wanting it or not. I don't judge the stuff before checking into it a bit, but I wont bother buying a game on the off chance it'll be enjoyable to me.

Games? Mass Effect. I'll play it when I damn well please. I want to, but it has to be NAO OR BURN. Also, speaking of burn...USA's BURN NOTICE. God. If I wanted to watch a show with as cliche plot and terrible acting, I could watch...well...any other USA network shows >=|

Google chrome...i wish my mates would stop trying to get me to change. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!

I can't find words in the English language to agree with you enough.

I'm a pony fan and I think the fandom for it has gotten out of hand.

But for the most part no, I just ignore a topic if it looks like something I don't care about.

Battlestar Galactica. I love sci-fi shows, I loved firefly, I loved SG1/Atlantis/Universe, but Battlestar Galactica just fills me with meh.

Doctor Who, Elder Scrolls, certain bands/musicians/dj's. Doctor Who has no appeal for me, Oblivion killed it for me and most people listen to shit music anyways... Thus if I wanted to watch/play/listen to such tripe then I'd already have done it by now.

Let's see I want people to stop recommending me any anime, anything by Joss Whedon, JRPG's and those ponies.

Noble Cookie:
My friend won't shut the fuck up about Paper Mario.

Okay, you love it, so do lots of other people. Just shut the hell up about it i'll buy it when im damn well ready to do so!

Honestly it just puts me off when the person doesnt STFU about it.

Don't get the GC version; either play the N64 version or the Wii version (Super Paper Mario).

OT: Everything Google/Apple. No, I don't own the iPhone 9000. No, I don't want to.

- This day's music. I really don't care for it one bit. Rather have some Johnny Cash or Queen
- Horror movies, I find them to be more laughable than scary and the overall quality is horrible.
- Bleach. It just doesn't appeal to me one bit
- Cloverfield. Same as above, someone even bought it for me and it's still lying around here somewhere unopened
- Online fps. I can only stand a couple of multiplayer games a week, just pisses me off and it gets boring really fast. I'd rather have some WoW.

Mass Effect, no matter how many people I tell that I've played it and found it to be tedious and impenetrable, there is always another 50 people telling me to play it.

My Little goddamn Pony

I was sick and tired of seeing it everywhere months ago. And now they've roped John de Lancie into it playing Q if he were a gay dragon.

This was my response to that news:

uncharted series
"how can you not have played it when you own a ps3??????????????????"

still a nope from me to a 3rd person shooter that wants to be an adventure game

As mentioned elsewhere, the Ponies are pretty annoying, but I only get that on the net. (No one I know in real life is even aware the cartoon exists.)

The constant recommendations of Mass Effect annoy me a lot more!

Yes, I'm a Star Wars fan. Yes, I play Dragon Age. No, telling me that it's basically a combination of the two is NOT selling me on the idea.

Game: Any call of duty game. Not that I don't enjoy the games (multiplayer at least) but here's an example of what bothers me: I go to the store fully ready to get Homefront, just because I had been reading the articles and it seemed like a good way to waste a few hours. I bring it to the clerk and he says "Oh that game sucks, you should really get call of duty." D:<

Uh, anime is easymode, because I hate just about everything. Whenever some dolt tries to get me to watch Naruto, Bleach, One-piece, Death Eater or any other such garbage it just Vexes me. I was RAISED on bad anime (DBZ and Gundam Wing really are terrible.) I DON'T need any more sub-par anime... I've had my fill.

And, this is kind of off topic, when people from different religions try to convince me that I'm wrong and that I really ought to join theirs and be just like them. It just bugs me that I can't have my own views and opinions in this world without SOMEONE getting butthurt over it for some reason. :/

The IT crowd and The Inbetweeners, watched them both, didn't like either, just because I'm a out of place geek does not mean I like watching it, in fact watching people get ridiculed on TV for things that I do is not enjoyable at all.

I want people to shut the hell up about Minecraft and Anime. That's what people seem to be going crazy for at the moment.

While I was playing World of Warcraft last year, that's what people wouldn't shut the fuck up about. "Ohhhh come play Minecraft with us! Oh watch this Anime!"

From the looks of it, those two things have a rather large following here too... So I may be outnumbered.

Music: I agree with OP and say dubstep, loads of people like it but I can't stand it.

Games: LoL, played it when it first came out didn't like it and constantly get told too play it, also Half Life, i just never got into Half Life but most people I know say it's good. Also the Elder Scrolls games, I am the only person I know that isn't excited for Skyrim and tbh anyone who tells me too buy it can sling their hook.

Anime: I generally don't like anime, up until now i've only seen 2 that I enjoyed and those were DBZ and Soul Eater, the rest that I've seen didn't do anything for me, which in the case of Dragonball and DB:GT suprised me abit.

TV: Anything with Ricky Gervais or Peter Kay in, they have got too be the most annoying and over rated comedians that I know of, I can't stand them but most people find them hilarious.

Firefly. I've tried watching it and no... I just can't. Also, the girls that recommend Twilight.

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