NERF Guns/Age limit

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fuck them! YOU are the one having fun!
dammit I want a NERF gun now >_<

Only when it stops being fun for YOU.
Which is never.

There's mods to NERF darts and guns that give them ranges of up to 100 ft IIRC

And they're sorta cheaper, depending on how you use em

Yeah. but you can't do much for accuracy. I find it fun to take accurate shots with inherently inaccurate "weapons", though.

I think the best thing about NERF is the looks. I like the yellow and orange futuristic look.

I still want to buy that NERF sniper rifle, but I can't ever manage to justify the purchase to myself...

One of my friends has a large Nerf arsenal (about 60-some guns). Assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, crossbows, revolvers, pistols, ball launchers, "bulletproof" vests, swords, knifes, and all manner or scopes, grips, and underbarrel flashlights to attach to this weaponry. We once booked his development's clubhouse for about 6 hours for his girlfriend's grad party. We brought lots of cardboard boxes and had a Nerf War.

And it was amazing.

No shame. None at all.

Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself! You should be out buying dildos and pocket pussies! Seriously though, never mind them.

I turned 17 on Tuesday. Tomorrow is my party. The money I get from there, as much as I can spare, is going towards buying the most badass NERF gun I can get. You know, the LMG type one. My friend has the Longshot. Plan is, next Halloween, we get up on the roof above his door, and shoot at kids. :D

Screw those judgmental morons... they don't know what they're missing.

btw I'm 19 and I have a small arsenal... now if only I had friends who didn't go to college out of state...

You are never to old for Nerf guns, hell there's a college out there that has a Nerf gun Zombie invasion every year. I think, I know there is one but I can't remember the name or if it is a yearly thing. Point is no, there is no age limit, if people give you weird looks, give them weirder ones.

Or better yet, shoot them.

The biggest problem is that Wal-Mart, the cheapest place to buy NERF here, charge 3 times too much for the extra ammo, it seems to me.

Damn those PC fun-killing bastards!

I'll buy my Nerf Guns, Lego and other toys and i will damn well enjoy them!

Don't worry, when you look old enough to have kids then you can buy whateer the hell you want without any social stigma.

So, today me and some friends from class went and bought some NERF guns for a trip and just to have fun with. But when we were choosing a gun, everyone looked at us as if we were mad (literally every person who saw us). We are well over the age of buying toys, but none of us minds it because these things are amazing.

So what's with this "age limit"? To me it seems a bit silly to be deemed too old for these things, but it seems to be a common attitude among people.

Also: Hello escapist! ^^

There is no such thing as an age limit on fun. A couple of my friends for Christmas bought themselves new Nerf guns to shoot at each other around their apartment, even bought 50 extra darts with velcro that sticks to many surfaces. During their Superbowl party we all spent the better part shooting at each other across the rooms, down hallways, at our female friends boobs, etc. And we are all around 24-25 years of age.

Ah, the Maverick. Best Nerf revolver ever.

Accept no substitutes.

OT: Screw the age limit, I will have nerf darts and some weapon stockpiles with me until I'm too old to lift the gun or pull the trigger.

*nerfs everyone*

I always hated trying to find the bullets after a game...

Well, I don't really think there is an age to stop, but there is an age where it would be better to upgrade to airsoft
It's way more accurate/longer range. It's just more fun.


My Brother got this. Needless to say, I've got more days with that thing than he does.

A few months back, seeing as how I'm in college and he's in High School, I raided his room to try and find every dart that I could, got every pillow in the house and built up a sand bag to hang it on. I got an old helmet and basically made camp in front of the door.

And when he got home, I unleashed hell.

Now i need to go buy a nerf gun, thanks a lot guys :<

I'm 21, and have about 20 nerf guns...
My brother's and I combined have around 50...
Between my mates ( some of who are older than me) and I, we would have a collection of over 100. We have almost every gun released, from about 3-4 different brands.

Almost all of them modded and painted.
Some with actual scopes, sights and lasers attached...

There is no age limit!

Firstly, there is no age limit for nerf.

Secondly, boy, time to play with the grown up toys.


NERF guns a brilliant, they don't hurt unless it hits you in the eye. It's like Airsoft but safer.

My mate has tons of them, though he paints over the bright colour scheme, with more realistic colour schemes. And he's 22.

They have obviously never seen an all-out modded nerf gun war. At my own school, we had a club where we would have team matches weekly. It was almost our school sport. We would modify the guns to maximize range and accuracy, and even some crazier mods like crafting a triple barrel for spread shots.

Honestly, now that I think about it, I could use a few NERF guns around the house.

In fact, this bad boy has been on my mind for awhile.

Oh Glob, yes!

OT: Yeah, as already said in this thread, fuck those guys. These are the same people who go on and on about what being an adult is, what it means, what you should watch, what you should eat, where you should go, etc, etc, etc. Fuck em, you're an adult, you go to work, you make your own hard earned cash, do whatever the hell you want with your money and free time. If it isn't hurting anyone, isn't illegal, and isn't truly stupid, then why should it bother anyone? You're an adult, do whatever the fuck you want when you can!

I think xkcd said it quite nicely.

Man, even with the supposed piss, poop, sweat and other nasties these things were supposedly home to, I would still jump in at a moments notice, if given the option

You're NEVER too old to nerf. My friends and I play an adapted version of King of the Hill in the lounge of our college dorm. Some nights, we go for 3-4 hours. I use this bad boy:

And I rarely ever lose!

Nerf guns, as far as I am concerned, are even more fun than real guns at the range because you can shoot them at people. Sadly, zombie wars cannot happen at my college because anything that can be called a 'weapon' is banned...

And while I've only used a few of my friend's, I assume they're cheaper than paintballing which is usually 50-70 bucks a go around here. >_<

When I was 15 me and my friends would nostalgia out every now and then and buy hot wheels, Ninja Turtle action figures and even nerf guns. After that though, I guess it kind of seemed silly.

Well ya. Play with paintball guns ya pansies. Just kidding...nerf guns are less annoying any way.

You need the 10 dart machine gun and the sniper rifle. Those are epic.

Well I'm only 18 but I have a pretty large (and forever growing) Nerf gun collection. It's like all the fun of shooting your friends with none of the hassle of being a suspect in a murder investigation.

You're never too old for Nerf guns. Anyone who thinks you are or looks at you funny doesn't understand how much fun they can be.

If Nerf guns continue to look like badass space guns, then fuck those people. Probably never had a good, old, Nerf fight. I bet their childhood was dull.

i dont know about you guys, but when i buy nerf guns and legos and shit, people give me high fives.

Don't listen to the people here. You are talking to Gamers, many of which watch a show about talking ponies learning lessons about friendship or whatever.

In other words, you are asking the wrong people.

It's because it's immature, it's really that simple. Is something inherently wrong about you playing with Nerf Guns? No. Is it immature? Yes. That is the answer to your question and I'm pretty sure you know full well that is the case. It's because when you are a adult or close to being one, people expect you to be less giddy about the idea of shooting foam darts around. Kind of like how everyone eventually expected you to get rid of your Power Ranger PJs.

Even simpler: Because you are acting like a child when you shouldn't.

Now, before someone takes this the wrong way. I personally don't care what you do, but if you really need someone to shove what should be obvious into your face, well I can't just let you stay ignorant, now can I? If you don't want such a socially awkward situation (which is because YOU are being awkward) then order online, problem solved.

IMO, the only time you are too old for something is if you personally can't get excited over it anymore. That's it. If you still enjoy it, there is no shame in doing it, no matter the age.

Zack Alklazaris:
We had nerf gun fights in college all the time. Hell when we were waiting for class to start one would pass around a Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6 image
and play Russian roulette

As someone who LOVES to use Magnums/revolvers in games...


And this is coming from someone who's 23.

Age limit? Bitch I'm 23 years old and I own Super Soakers, Nerf Guns, toy lightsabers, a sled, and Pokemon stickers which I slap on every piece of hockey equipment I own! (I just place my favorites: Metagross, Togekiss, Heracross and Feraligatr)

Yeah I get the same looks when I try on woman's jeans. Like come on girls get over yourselves you know my ass looks great in these light blues.

You are never too old to buy toys and you are never too male to wear womens clothes. That's one of my motto's. I say it all the time.

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