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Hello Escapist's,

it's been a really long time since I posted on here, most of you prbably don't even know who I am or remember me at least.

So, topic.

I'm an English teacher living in the Czech Republic, I can speak at least token amounts of ten languages.

Recently I gave a lecture on Kenneth Hale, the most famous hyperpolygot (a person who can speak 6 or more languages fluently) to have lived. He was reported to be able to converse in 50 or more langugaes when he died.

so, here's what I'm interested to know. How many of you speak a second language, third, etc. Is there a Polygot (4 or more languages) or Hyperpolygot here on the Escapist? What langugaes do you speak?

There are many dying langugaes in this world and I hope that in the future I can try and keep at least one lesser known language survive a little longer.

The languages I can speak.

Fluently- English and French
Enough to hold a conversation - Spanish, Japanese, Czech.
Enough to talk about myself and ask questions - Mandarin, German, Latvian, Italian, Russian, Welsh.

Your turn.

I realise this may make me appear arrogant but really I am a great fan of langugae, it is a hobby of mine and I like to meet people who also think other languages are important.

Also, it would be strange to have a topic like this and not have a poll.

I'm from the UK, we don't speak other languages and prefer to make everyone else learn english.

I would have loved to learn a new language but they start them too late in the UK so most people are shit at them.

Well, I used to be a Chinese (Mandarin) linguist in the army, and I can also speak German and understand Pennsylvania Dutch (a German dialect). I can understand and read Spanish, studied it for years but never had many opportunities to speak it so I'm comfortable speaking unless I have to.

In fact, I almost never have a reason to use languages other than English where I currently live and don't have anyone to practice with if even if I wanted to. I would love to improve, but it's such useless aspect of my life that it seems almost wasteful to spend time on studying when I'm so busy with my job and everything else.

That's the downside to living in an English-speaking place, there's really no need to speak another language.

Technically I should be able to speak two (I'm Chinese) but sadly I can speak English only. Well ok I can speak Chinese abit but it's mostly simple sentences so it's nowhere near fluently.

English (Native)
Spanish (Fluent)
Italian (Proficient)
Russian (Proficient)

Yeah that's pretty much it... I haven't used Russian or Italian in a while but all of the words still stick.

Spanish I learned when I was in middle school. I live in California and travel to Mexico often, so knowing Spanish really comes in handy. It also helps in job searches here.

I learned Russian just for the hell of it in High School. I love the language and enjoy communicating with my Russian relatives, but I'm far from mastering it.

I have Italian blood so I figured I should pick up the vocabulary. I took some classes and now I can communicate with my Italian grandfather who doesn't speak much English.

I'm fluent in English, my native language, and know a little Japanese from some manga, anime and Japanese video games.

Only English unfortunately. I wish I could speak something else, like French or a Scandinavian language.

I speak English as a first and know bit of French as well. Thats it for me. :/

I speak English and Swedish, I'm not sure which one I find more natural.
I do most of my writing in English, most of my study material is in English, all the TV-series I watch are in English. Much of the advertisement I'm blasted with when I'm outside in Sweden is in English as well. I even think in English.

I still talk to my friends and family in Swedish though.

Italian, portoguese, german, english, and i understand spanish when spoken to me, so i think it may be 5 due to mutual intelligibility, but i'll go convervatively on 4, all at fluent level, altho german is rusty.

I can only speak english fluently but I took german at highschool so I know a little german, I've been thinking about carrying on my learning of german. I wish I could speak another language fluently but I can't it could help with the ladies.

I know two languages, English and Arabic. I know spanish and french too, but I wouldn't count them because I am not proficient in either.

English as a first language, know a bit of Welsh and French. That's about it.

I answered none, because it's silly. :P

But really I speak English. I took 2 years of French in high school and 2 years of Japanese after that, so by now for those languages all I really know is how to count to ten and basic greetings.

I also was enrolled in a Farsi language class as part of my military training, but it turns out Farsi is almost as stupidly constructed a language as English. Should've went with Arabic. I know the Farsi alphabet but the rest was gone from my mind about 2 weeks after I left the course, which was 28 weeks long, 8 hours a day.

Japanese was the only language I ever enjoyed learning and could pick up with relative ease, so I may attempt to learn it again if I ever am so inclined.

I picked up a bit of Spanish from classes I took for my degree's token foreign language requirements. Aside from that, English is the only language I know.

I live in an english speaking part of the world and don't deal with people who speak other languages. Therefore, I've never had a need to learn another language besides english.

I've got two-ish, English being my first and most fluent, and I can hold my own in a conversation in Italian, but just barely.

Oh, and I know the Spanish word for Colors!

I can speak fluent French, English and Romanian, with some occasional funny errors in the latter because I rarely get the chance to speak it with other people than my parents. I also have basic proficiency in Spanish, enough to ask questions or answer them, along with a certain amount of vocabulary. I would certainly like to learn more, but I doubt I'll ever have the time to truly focus on it as I should.

I'm actually kind of a funny case. The first language I learnt to speak was Flemish. I grew up in Belgium, so that was the language people around me spoke. Apart from my father, he speaks Hebrew and English. So, seeing as I couldn't communicate with him, I was sent to an international school where I learnt English.

Now I speak English better than I do Flemish. Studying in England means I'm becoming rusty, and my stuttering is worse in Flemish, which doesn't help with my confidence, which makes the stuttering worst etc.

Still, I'm proficient in Flemish as my mothers side of the family speaks primarily that, so I guess that means I speak 2! :D

Im a typical stupid amerikan. I can only speak English fluently. I can hold a strained conversation in German and French. I know a handful of phrases in Spanish and I only know rudimentary Chinese and Japanese words.

I should know more, I know I should, its just not a high priority in the education system in the US.

Wait, does C++, HTML, and the like count? Cause that would up my total.

Swedish - Mother Tongue
English - School and the internet (fluent)
Spanish - From my father (fluent)
Italian - From my mother (Moderate, I mix it up with Spanish due to being expose to both languages at the same time thus making distinction difficult)
German - From my german friends (fluent)
French - From the Uni + Time spent in Paris (Can read it without any problem but when spoken, makes no sense unless they speak reaaaaaaally slow)

We'll see how well it goes to improve my French. I have no one to talk to, so the only thing I can really improve is to read and write it.

I can speak two languages.

Norwegian (Mother tongue)
English (Fluent)

I can also a bit spanish, as I'm forced to learn it, but I can barely understand anything spanish, thus I wouldn't count that as a language I know.
I can easily read swedish and danish, as it is pretty much the same as norwegian, but I can't really speak the languages as those who has it as their mother tongues.
I could also read some icelandic and german, as it is a bit similar to norwegian.

Depends who you ask. I can speak English and Scots (think Robert Burns poems), some people think of them as two different languages, others a dialect.

I'm natively bilingual, having learned two languages at various points during childhood.

Those being English & Dutch. However, while I can speak it fluently, my Dutch tends to be a bit rusty at times, since I almost never need it for anything.

I can also understand German almost perfectly, though it's still a bit of an effort to say anything. I'd probably speak it near fluently if I was in a situation where I needed to though, so there is that.

I've picked up bits of japanese... And in the past have studied Mandarin, Indonesian and French, but I can't remember much more than a word or two of those...

Japanese is probably near enough to being my 4th language, but there's still some way to go before I could even say I can ask basic questions in any meaningful sense.

I do like languages though. There's something about the way different languages work that gives you an insight into the culture that created them.

I speak English and Spanish, and my French is fairly decent, though definitely not fluent. English because that's what we speak in Ireland, and Spanish because I spent a large chunk of my childhood in Spain. :)

I speak English as my mother tongue and Chinese as a second language. I wouldn't say fluently, but I've been taking classes in it for four years. So... that has to account for something.

I'm native in English and trying to grasp and master Spanish (for family) and Japanese (for the hell of it).

Any tips in learning the languages easier?

I speak two languages English and bad English

also.. I am a meat popsicle

American Here.
English and German Fluently (though my written German isn't so hot)
Spanish Fair...but not so great.

I'm fluent in English and 'Stralien ('Australian' for the uninitiated), though the latter is more a bastardization of the former so probably doesn't count.

I can speak fluent English, some Broad Scots (which is pretty much English but shouty and unintelligible).
And I know a few words in French and German.

I'm a native English speaker, and I'd say I can speak English (fluently (obviously)), Italian and Korean (both enough to talk about myself and ask questions). I'm currently still learning Korean, hope to be fluent eventually, as I'll be living in Seoul for a fair few years.

Once I'm confident in my Korean, I'll go back to working on my Italian. Though I plan to pick up more languages in time. I'm thinking either Vietnamese, Russian, or Arabic, to begin with. However, Mandarin's warmed on me considerably over the past couple of years.

They say three or more languages is advanced, two is average, and one is American.

As an American, I am fluent in English (duh) but I know a fair amount of Spanish.

English is my mother tongue, and I can speak a little bit of German, but probably not enough to hold a meaningful conversation. Everyone speaks so fast I can't make out what's being said.

Being Irish I can speak both English and Irish. I can also speak some French, and some Latin. Would love to learn Russian, Chinese and Arabic but have never gotten round to taking any classes.

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