The most scared you've ever been?

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We've all had scary moments in our lives, what's yours?

I've had a few, the most recent being just a few seconds ago. I was looking at pictures of the Woman in Black and I heard a weird noise right next to me. Bricks were shat.

I can't think of the scariest moment of my life but a few weeks ago I was playing OG silent hill and as I put the phone in the school down I started hearing really weird sounds outside and I freaked out

Waking up to hear the sounds of a dying Fox screaming and panting it's last breath.

Then after about half an hour of these loud panting noises, I heard a long blood curling scream, and then absolute silence...

I will never forget that scream for as long as I live, it was absolutely terrifying.

Apparently, in the morning after, someone found the dead fox, and apparently he/she retreated to the woods behind were I lived, where he/she bled out shortly after being run over by a car.

I almost drove my car off a bridge once, but that was too quick for me to become truly afraid. I also nearly drowned after falling out of a raft over a class 3 or 4 rapid. That was scary.

Actually, a good choice for that award would be about week ago, when i went fishing with grandpa on the ice.

I have already been upside down under the ice on a river, so that, combined with my all-time crappiest physical condition, both mental and bodily, and there being water under the snow where we walked and i thought i heard it creaking and we walked hundreds of metres across the white plains to a small island to get branches from bushes for a fire where the ice went UP toward a extremely bushy shore

Now there is no ice there anymore.

On the other hand, we found a generic pain medication package note and a big fish on the ice near a drilled hole

The longer i live, the more i fear not having something to fear

Either when my girlfriend broke down in front of me and wouldn't tell me why (turned out later that it was stored emotion that she just had to let out), and I thought she was breaking up with me.

Or when I went on holiday to France, and it was a 6 hour drive from the ferry to the place we were staying. We stopped for a lunch break after 2 1/2 hours, and my dad decided to keep on driving. I was reading in the back seat, when suddenly my mum and sister started screaming at my dad to pay attention to the road and he hit a crash barrier on a gentle turning (10 metres more and he would have gone into a ditch). None of us were hurt, but the car got massive scrapes up one side. Turned out that he had drifted off at the wheel. That week in France with him at the wheel...I was scared for my life.

Scary thing is, I had said to my family that I hadn't wanted to go on holiday with them again due to my dad's constant swearing and anger the year before, but my mum persuaded me to give it one last chance. That chance has most definitely gone.

Admitting my feelings to the girl I'm in love with last month. Bloody hell I was trembling like a maniac.

When me and my boyfriend were sleeping in a tent for a bit, one of the things that secured it to the ground came off in the middle of the night. We were asleep until part of it fell down. Because of the wind it looked like someone was pressing on the tent and it sounded like there was someone outside the tent.
We slowly unzipped the front then ran to the house. It was really scary.
Of course we felt a bit silly the next day when we realise what had happened.

About 3 years ago, one weekend i was to be home alone from friday until sunday.
Imagine northern norway in the late winter, it's above the arctic circle so it honestly is dark 24/7.

Smart as i was i decided to watch The Haunting in Connecticut the first friday night. My dad's house is pretty far away from everything and we have three big windows down towards the sea which, at night, provide the same aesthetics as a black hole. It's a darkness that just seems to suck in everything if you look towards it.

Let's just say i was freaked out by pretty much any little squeak or creak, and the lights stayed on from friday to saturday.

The circumstances/surroundings during and after watching a horror movie are usually more important than the content of the movie itself...

I had been super scared twices from films. The first was Bram Stroke Dracular and this other film called Phantoms. The first film made me go pale while the other film I was sweating in fear.

My dad was in the hospital because his liver and kidneys randomly shut down. We never knew why. One day he texted me "I just wanted to say I love you." I nearly had a heart attack thinking he was about to die. He wasn't though. Eventually, his kidneys and liver just restarted. To this day, neither us nor the doctors know why this happened.

A nightmare I had when I was around 11. Was on vacation and sleeping in a motel.

My brother had rented that game for the PS1 where everyone has swords and usually die in one hit. I was having a dream about the setup, except replace those people with video game characters.

I recall seeing Banjo (the bear) walk up to an treehouse and a conversation taking place between him and whatever was up there. Suddenly, it showed these evil scary eyes and a huge smiling mouth full of teeth, while everything all was black. And then I heard a chainsaw. Cue a bunch of characters walking up to the tree house and finding Banjo's remains.

Woke up immiediatly after that, and didn't sleep for a week.

A car accident, an attempted mugging and a few very one-sided brawls.

The car accident was the least scary. It was rather sudden and was over almost as soon as it begun. The mugging was scary at the time, but I laugh about it now. The fights were the worst. Having some burly bastard pin you down and try to stab you with a pocket knife is pant-wetting stuff.

It would have to be that stupid 'scroll down' comic, the one with the special scripts to make it even more scary. I even had NoScript on, but when I thought I wasn't getting the full effect, I turned it off... cue creepy lady moaning sounds.
At least now I can get a laugh out of it by linking to it when talking to friends and seeing their rage at me.

My brother scared the shit out of me, litterally...
I got back at him thou so no prob.

A car accident, an attempted mugging and a few very one-sided brawls.

The car accident was the least scary. It was rather sudden and was over almost as soon as it begun. The mugging was scary at the time, but I laugh about it now. The fights were the worst. Having some burly bastard pin you down and try to stab you with a pocket knife is pant-wetting stuff.

That absolutely sucks. Not the fear of getting hurt, or pain, but the knowledge that the kind of prick that beats up people who don't fight back for kicks are going to get out of it the winner. It's fucking disgusting.

Care to join my kung-fu class?

My brother scared the shit out of me, litterally...
I got back at him thou so no prob.

You not going to elaborate on that?

Chairman Miaow:

My brother scared the shit out of me, litterally...
I got back at him thou so no prob.

You not going to elaborate on that?

Well I was young when he did it, think 10 or so and was watching some kind of horror stuff (probably aged for 15 or 16) so pretty HC stuff for me and he sneaked up on me and started screaming like a mad man as he slammed both his hands onto my shoulders...
(he's 2 years younger than me)
But a few years ago (4 maybe?) as I was 17 (he 15) and it was halloween, I was going to a party and he came home. I had just shut the lights in the whole house as I noticed him coming home, quickly ran to his room and stood in the darkness at the door and as he turned in (he hadn't turned on a single light as he thought he was home alone) I jumped out and screamed like hell!

He fell down on the floor and went into a fetal position and started crying all white in his face... after I stopped laughing I got a bit scared myself since he was still lying there, but he came too his sences a few days later.

There, you asked for it.

The time I had to fight a Communist Time traveling Space Bear Ninja from the year 7359.

I don't remember it, but I guess the scariest moment of my life would have been when I was being hit by an SUV while riding my bike at night.... I got hit in the head pretty badly though, so I don't remember it.

Wear a helmet kids!

edit: 1000th post! woo!

The thought of one of my family members dying, that is, when I couldn't get in contact with them.

Oh I get these all the time. And its always the same scary moment. When I realise that there will come a day when I will cease to exist for the rest of eternity.

The enormity of that is too much for me to handle, and it makes me weak.

I mean, existing is basically all I do!

I very nearly drowned after i fell into a frozen lake when i was about 5
and again when i went way out of my depth on the beach when i was like 9
my most scared moment would probably be having to walk back to my home at midnight from 5 miles away, this doesn't sound so bad but i live in the middle of the English countryside so there is no light, no pavement and part of the walk was through an area with a graveyard and one of Englands largest spots for reported ghost sightings
it was rather scary

i was in my garage smoking pot, my parents were out of the house and were not to return home for at least another 5-6 hours, so i thought i was all safe and about 5 minutes into smoking my garage door started to open (the only way to open the door was through a key pad and only I my brother and my parents knew the code) i immediately grabbed all of my stuff and threw it out the side door and pretended i was just in there to grab a screw driver or some crap from dads work bench, turns out it was just my brother coming home from a friends house (he also smokes so it was fine) So it was all good in the end but still i can remember hearing the garage door opening and just thinking "well im fucked"

I almost got hit by a car once. It was scary as fuck and now I'm careful >.>.

Going in for an operation for the first time. You know I had the usual worries...... Sadly the operation was not sucessful the first time round and Im hoping it will have worked this time.

Admitting my feelings to the girl I'm in love with last month. Bloody hell I was trembling like a maniac.

Did it pay off though?

OT: Hmm, being a coward, I get scared very easily, but one time I remember being really scared was when I was 10 and watching Jaws. I wasn't scared through most of it, but there was one scene that I just couldn't take. It was when they were scuba-diving in the ocean, checking out some sunken ship, when suddenly you see an upside down dead body floating downwards. Bricks were shat. I had no problem sleeping though somehow.

Probably almost getting stabbed and then being chased as I tried to escape. That was a ridiculously frightening experience.

That, or every single time I played Amnesia : The Dark Descent.

Probably ... i was doing something when i was like 7 years old downstairs in my childhood house with my dad and someone else.. i forgot who and we keep hearing this scraping coming from nearby... well after a few minutes of this sound going past we decide to wander over to where the sound is coming from.. and inside an empty bucket there was a 2-3 metre carpet snake (probably a child-teen) curled up sleeping inside the bucket... since im terrified of snakes i ran away as fast as i could and let my dad deal with extracting the snake into the nearby bushland :P

I don't get scared that often and don't remember many moments that I have been scared. From stories that I have heard of my youth it was probably when I was stuck between a window and huge icicle.

I think one of the worst times was about five years ago. I have a family of raccoons that live underneath our house and a few of them have nested right underneath my bedroom. I'm thinking one of them caught a rabbit and drug it right underneath me because at about two in the morning I heard the loudest screaming I've ever heard no more than five feet from my face. I remember shaking for a good half hour and then realizing what it was as they quieted down a little bit. I never knew how terrifying rabbit screams were till that night. Or that they could scream for that matter...

Second to that was crawling around underneath the house trying to hunt down said raccoons with a flashlight and crossbow. It's not as fun as it sounds! D:

okay I must ask; why did you do this ? and how did it go ? :O

Y'know when an airplane hits one of those air pockets and drops like 50 feet or so.
Well I must have taken at least a dozen long haul flights before I encountered one of those for the first time, didn't know it was a regular thing.
Scariest 3 seconds of my life.

the staring level of cry of fear. you know the one...

Probably a car crash I was in. I don't really know if it's fear exactly, but it's a surreal experience. The radiator blew as well and the car was pretty much just instantly full of smoke. It was incredibly disorienting.

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