Poll: Which evil army do you join?

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Joker's gang.

If I'm at a point in life where I've decided to join an evil army, I've stopped giving a shit. I've always wanted to just let go and do anytihng without fearing the consequences, not worrying about the law, money, my health, people around me, etc etc.

I feel as if the Joker is out just to cause chaos and manipulating the masses, he's not doing it for himself, he's doing it for society I believe.


considering they are pretty much space Nazi,s AND took a huge chunk out of Australia I think it,s safe to say these are a evil army.

templars from Assassins creed or the Evil League of Evil


I'd join the Orks. BECUZ GREEN IZ BEST!

Roit! We getz us sum moar boyz an' den wez gunna 'ave us a proper WAAAGH!

Oi! We gotta get usez sum dakka an' choppa. Dem humies need sum stompin!

You forced my hanf by mentioning Dr Insano XDD
Would have gone for the Helghast had you not mentioned him.

Army of Vikings ! fuck yeah! BURN AND PILLAGE!!! MATE, FEED, KILL, REPEAT!! GORRR!!!!

Damn it, now I regret my choice even more XDD

SKULLS FOR THE etc. etc.

Tzeentch Cult, I might be a seriously disturbed mutated maniac but I can shoot Doom Bolts from my hands.

General Hummels Marines from "The Rock", because they arent really evil (outside of afew of them.) They just want the families of black ops soldiers compensated and recongnized, plus the fact that

I'd be one of Khorne's followers - after all, where else do you get the chance to slaughter your way through the universe for eternity?


Brotherhood of Mutants all the way.


I'd totally join the Combines, It looks pretty fun actually according to these guys.

The Old One calls his new demon to him... The power of a demon's soul is beyond human imagination, after all. >:D

(Note: No, not those Old Ones, silly)

I think it's recruitment process would have to be a little less trying for any of us to get hired. Then again it wasn't so hard to get hired before the events of Demons Soul's maybe considering the circumstances there might be more vacancies. Yeah ill go with the Old One too, none of the painful surgery of the Combine and none of the randomly getting killed for laughs like in the Jokers crew. Just massive demonic power for the low low price of: your soul.

I'd be with the Lannisters from Westros, at least they have civility and money!

As others have already said. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!



Yeah, Nightlords are cool.

Sith. Can't beat lightsabers and lighting fingers.

Of the given options? None. Most of them tend to treat you as faceless mooks to be sent wave after wave against a super-powered or just normal badass or they are practically incapable of giving a shit about you, I'm looking at Cthulhu there.

For the best chance at survival, I'd go for a soldier under the command of one of the brighter imperial commanders from Star Wars. Perfectly willing to sacrifice some soldiers to save more. Pragmatism is what I'd want in an evil overlord. Why win a battle with heavy losses if there's a way to avoid that? After all, soldiers do cost money no matter where you get them from.

I´d join a slaaneshi cult and torture rape and pillage my way through the countryside with them.

I'd stick it out like any respectable freelance bounty hunter and join up with whoever had the most scratch to pay me to work for them.
Course somebody can pay better then their the boss then.

You have got nothing against the C'Tan

I follow New Phyrexia (Magic: The Gathering universe). Either under Elesh Norn or Jin-Gitaxias.

I'm against joining any gang where I run a 75% chance of my own boss killing me with a flower that squirts acid, or one that requires my body to be surgically rebuilt.

I don't know about the 40k or the top two, so I'll have to go with Sauron's army, as I don't really see any super downside to following his command.

Nazi Vampires. Obviously.

Might end up in getting killed by Rayne in a highly sexualized way. Or Alucard, in a very bloody way.

Join an evil army? i just start my own or take over theirs

I was going to pick the Joker's gang, but then I saw Dr Insano on the list. Dr Insano's evil army would be the best!

The Evil League of Evil (Dr. Horrible)

Of course we'd probably be the first to die off...

Are you sure? I mean, it'd be pretty hard going, Bad Horse rules the League with an iron hoof.

OT: ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! (I admit, I had to Google that, no way I remember how to spell it all.)

Well, the Injustice League, obviously.


All hail KHORNE, LONG be his Reign, and short be my service.

(My avatar is completely wrong for this post...)


Well... if I had to pick just one....

My first thought was Khorne, because if you're really good and don't fuck up you get to become an immortal daemon, and apart from that all the choices that I know anything about (know nothing about options 1, 2) are pretty bad and have a life expectancy of about a week. Assuming it takes a week to get to the frontline.

But then I thought back to what I thought about the last time I saw the Lord Of The Rings films - on one occasion, a protagonist (don't remember which) jumped into the midst of a bunch of pikemen, who had the pikes pointed up, and none of them bothered or were clever enough to impale him, despite the fact that it would take no effort and should probably happen accidentally anyway. And then later, when Gandalf arrives? He leads a cavalry charge into a mass of pikemen. What magic does he use to make this suicidal tactic not suicide? Light. He makes a bright light, that blinds the orcs.

I was like "Jesus Christ, guys, you have eyelids! And helmets with visors! You don't need to aim a pike, a cavalry charge is a wall of meat!"

So yeah, I'd join Sauron's army, and rise through the ranks because of my superior leadership. I should get to a decent position just for the "put the pikes in the enemy" idea. Assuming the numbers are adjusted enough to balance things out (otherwise combine vs the rest of the list would just be unfair), I should end up as fief of Western Europe.

Although of course, there are plenty of better "other" options that are better. But it's kind of cheating to go with that, since you could pick any evil army from any fiction. Still, there's an "other" option, so I'll think about what "other" I would pick...

It depends on how much you can stretch "Evil" really. The Q continuum are sometimes antagonists, and are morally grey since they occasionally kill people. And fight civil wars which blow up suns as a side-effect. If that's enough that I can pick the Q, then you can call me Q. No, not the one played by John de Lancie, that's Q. Completely different Q. It stands for Q. Yes, both of them stand for Q. Do I have to spell it out for you? It shouldn't take that long: Q. Q.

Failing that, the Aeon Illuminate are (in my view) the darkest gray of the gray/gray/gray 3-way war in Supreme Commander, and joining their army would be pretty boss. If you disagree, and think the UEF are the bad guys, that's even better, since then I don't have to adopt an alien religion.

If they're not evil enough either, I pick the Brotherhood Of Mutants if doing so gives me powers, and if it doesn't, I'll join the Britannian Empire from Code Geass.

The Combine. To paraphrase that song from that mod, they've offered me some enhancements to certain things that could use some enhancing.

I'm talking about my throat, of course. Terrible phlegm problem here.

Out of this list, I'd probably go with Doctor Insano, but I'd have to make sure I don't end up one of his experiments...

How is the Galactic Empire from Star Wars not here?

Also would we still get to be ourselves in this army? For example if I joined the combine would I have to be "augmented" first or could I still continue to be my human self under the mask like civil protection?

Insano!!! For Science!

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