Poll: Winning the Lottery.

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I'd only tell close friends and family. Thing is, I've been described as a "right old pikey bastard", so alarm bells would ring the moment I ever offered to pay for anything. Through that system I think more people I know would see something was awry.

Though how long I could go without buying a load of really nice stuff that completely blows the lid is debatable. "I couldn't decide between Rolex and Omega, so I wear both." - Future lottery winning me.

I would tell no one at first. Maybe my parents and they'd get a little, enough to retire and move north like they want too. Then I would take the rest, buy myself a nice modest house with a big library, a decent kitchen, the usual nice bedroom, bathroom and stuff, and an underground bunker tunnel system. This should leave me with something like 120-130 million left. I outfit one of the bunker rooms with a nice modest lab. The rest would go in the bank at a nice interest rate (roughly about 1.2 for some of the shittiest plain savings accounts even), and generate me more than enough money to live nicely. Then I would go back to school and finish my degree and everything I already planned on doing.

I live in Haverhill (Where they live) and this has done nothing at all to me.

OT: With £148 million? I would probably spend it on:
£100 million in the bank.
£20 to... Some charities.
£10 on housing.
And the rest would be spending money.

I'd tell my family, and give them a couple of million each. Close family anyone, parents, sisters, grand parents.

With the money, I'd put half in the bank and let the interest build up. Buy a decent house, decorate it with everything needed, quit my job, and pretty much just chill on the money. Boring? Perhaps, but not having to do a job for ages sounds like heaven.

A year or so ago, I won a tenner on a fruit machine, bought a few scratch cards, and won £100. That's the only time I've won anything remotely like the Lottery.

Not having to do a job for ages? You could go pretty mental and still you, your children and your childrens children probably would never have to work.

I would spend millions on luxury cars, motorbikes, a really nice house designed for me (Think Grand Designs if you've ever seen that show). I'd obviously give money to my parents, sister, grandparents. I'd go travelling with some of my friends, my two best friends would get a house and basically they'd never have to work either. Say £10-15 million given to other people. £2 million on cars, £1 million on the motorbikes. £2 million on the house, another £10 million on holiday homes in a few places. That's only £30 mill, leaving over 100. That would make it so easy just to live off the interest, which would probably be a few million alone.

Poor fools.
People will never leave them alone now.

I'd just bugger off to Texas where all the other filthy rich live and spend money like mad.

My mom, dad, and maybe my siblings would be the only ones I'd tell.

Buy a nice house somewhere... then live the rest of my life as a normal person... if however, I see a helicopter or airship carrier that catches my eye, I might dip into the funds and get it.

No way in hell I'd go public about it. I'd only tell/give money to my family and closest friends and aside from splurging on a nice house and fancy toys(powerful as fuck computers etc.) I'd try to live as normally as I do know.

Boring? Perhaps, but I'm not the kind of person who'd go around flaunting that kind of cash. Perhaps the main difference is that I'd be much more willing to give money to hobos and whatnot.

I would not tell anybody.

It would be MY money. I'd put it in a bank and live off it for the rest of my life in secret. I would have everything I'd want and need for the rest of my life!

Assuming for a moment that the Lottery doesn't immediately make my winnings public knowledge on the news, I'd keep it to myself.

Why paint a big target on myself for thieves, scammers, and beggars?

Honestly, if I won, I'd probably immediately relocate to a different part of the country and try to keep a low profile.

Step 1: Win Lottery
Step 2: Tell absolutely no one what I'm going to spend it on
Step 3: Hire thousands of scientists and workers to build a doomsday device
Step 4: Hold word hostage for more money than you won in the lottery
Step 5: ??????
Step 6: Profit!

Tell close friends and family only.

I'd be giving nearly all my winnings to friends and family anyways.

I don't want to be in a situation where people are asking me for money whom I don't want to share it with.

If i won £148 million i'd stick £147 million in a high interest account and then live on the one mill for awhile, by the time that mill runs out i should have generated enough interest, i would then pay of my whole family's debt buy certain members a house and car, i would then buy the whole escapist community two games of their choice (cause you guys are just awesome) and then i'd go see the world

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