Poll: Fellow meat lovers! UNITE!

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Tie between pig and chicken, I give it to pig because of all the different kinds of meat you can get from one whereas with chicken I just like the breast and legs.

I love the legs and breasts on most chicks too


The Almighty Grigard:

Not just moose meat but many other meats too...Remember if anybody asks for their meat well-done ask them politely but firmly to leave.


When it comes to burgers I really love Bison. I haven't had a chance to have one in the form of a steak though. I think I've also had Deer in the past and...yes, I remember really liking that as well. My vote however went to Pig because it's very easy to come by for me and comes in many wonderful, wonderful forms.

Lamb is the best. Specifically lamb cutlets are the best bit of meat ever.

I'll eat my meat of baby kittens:

On a similar topic, whenever I meat a vegitarian I always wish I was wearing this shirt:

I treat those who eat quorn, with such great scorn, for you see I do mourn, those who forsake meat torn, for some bits of acorn.

Beef is what I usually eat, but deer is definitely the best meat I've ever had. Kinda wish I could have it more often, but I don't hunt and I don't have any friends/family nearby that hunt.

Nauseating smugness on a plate...

Why make "steaks", "sausages", "burgers" and so on? You don't see me making "carrots" out of beef!


Plus I feel better knowing that I'm not eating a lovely cow or piggy that only wishes to live it's life the same as we do.

Yeah, this is kinda rubbish. I guarantee you that no cow or piggy wishes to live it's life the same way we do, because it's almost certain that as cows and piggies lack a theory of mind they are unable to comprehend life the same way we do. Because they lack a sense of self awareness. There are valid reasons to be a vegetarian, but imagining animals thinking like people isn't one of them.

As for myself, I love lamb as well. Kinda disappointed it's not very prominent in the midwestern diet.
I've had donkey and camel in China and loved them as well. Also liked Bison. Loved duck. I suspect I'm a "gamey" meat sort of guy, though I rarely have the opportunity to try them.

More conventionally, I eat absurd amounts of chicken but I almost don't think of it as a meat. It's just that thing I have when other meat isn't around. Steak is good, but honestly I get tired of it very quickly. A small sirloin cooked skillfully is way more enticing to me than a giant porterhouse. I love salmon, shrimp, and crab too.

Honestly I can't get too excited about bacon. Every once in a while I get a craving but the sick feeling afterwards and the reek in the apartment just isn't worth it. Now Chinese-style ribs on the other hand, I could eat that every day! I'm absolutely un-fussed by American style dripping-with-sauce ribs.

That is like asking me to choose between my children. I love beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp the most but that is the farthest I can narrow it down.

This is my favourite meal: Lamb spit, Greek style

Beef, I love a good hamburger. Fuck, I even like bad burgers from Mcdonalds or Burger King. Chicken is a VERY close second though.

I went with lamb (love that shit), though the commenters brought out some other tasties, like turkey and duck. I fucking love duck too.

But lamb and duck are expensive, so I most commonly eat chicken and beef.

As for my LEAST favourite meat: oysters, lobster, salmon... anything with a distinctly fishy taste I can't stand. Crocodile also sucks, but more due to the texture than the flavour. Kangaroo steaks are quite nice, but the one time I bought mince it was fucking horrible.

I really, REALLY love beef. If I could have burgers everyday and not have any negative effects, I would. I like lamb as well, as long as I can cover it with garlic sauce.


lol'd at the meatshroom.

Oh and sorry let me rephrase that last part part (It's late and I'm tired). "that only wishes to live". Better :3

Of course cows and pigs don't think like humans but they do have their own thought processes and I bet Surviving is one of them. Anyway I don't wanna make you think I'm "That guy" who dislikes someone for something as simple as their diet (Unless it's practicing cannibalism) because I'm not like that.

Ugh, bout time I get to bed. G'night everybody!

I might get crucified, but I'm actually not a big fan of bacon. Its ok, but not great by any stretch of the imagination.

A good beef tenderloin though.... mmmm gimme!

Captcha: There is no spoon - thats ok I dont need one.

I like all kinds but, I really like Deer jerky. Or, if we are including seafood:

I lurv me some burgers...

But I absolutely ADORE baby back ribs... absolutely divine. Especially when I dip french fries into the barbecue sauce... glorious.

Easily pork. So much deliciousness coming from it. Smoked ham, pulled pork, so many types of sausage, carnitas, al pastor, pork ribs, pork belly, pork cheeks, head cheese, crispy ear, and the bones are made into ramen broth, which should then be combined with more pork belly. Honestly, plain old bacon is by far the least inspiring pig product to me.

Pork is my specialty on the grill, but my Jewish girlfriend hates it, so I have to make hers taste like steak. For some reason, the way I cook Pork makes it juicier than my steaks which are incredibly juicy on their own, making it quite the accomplishment.

I guess Pork Steaks are my favorite, then, but you haven't lived until you grill a beef Rump Roast.

I like all kinds but, I really like Deer jerky. Or, if we are including seafood:

Crab is all the more tasty if you defeat your chosen crab in personal battle before the feast. Should you win or lose, one of you is going to have a tasty treat.

OT: I picked cow, because if there was only one type of meat I could eat for the rest of my life, I would choose cow.

My favorite meat would have to be "Long Pig".
It literally contains everything the human body needs, can be found wherever there are people, and it's pretty cheap if you're willing to get your hands dirty.
It tastes very similar to pork, and beef, it's plentiful, it's the best meat.

I love most kinds of meat, and as an internet person my fondness for bacon is unquestionable, but you just can't beat a good ol' fashioned steak, so I went with cow

Cowflesh is the best flesh yumyumyum :3

Best of the 3:

The Almighty Grigard:

Seriously though. Moose meat is really lean and delicious. It's considered a pretty expensive meat over here. It's my primary source of read meat since my father is a hunter. We also grow some of our vegetables. (Not that it's part of this topic)




I have to agree. I voted deer since that's my next favourite thing. I remember having a spicy dear Taco when I was over in Norway last. A bit dry, but delicious.

Moose meat on the other hand is fantastic. Got to treat it gently like Swedish ladies. Though I have to say I prefer it brown and well cooked. I can't remember what I had it in, or if the dish even has a name. It was just moose meat in a brown sauce. Looked like a stew. With vegetables and potatoes. Definitely my favourite.

Ah yes. Stew and mince meat are acceptable conditions for cooking it well done. You are forgiven my child.

Moose meat stew is awesome. I have a killer recipe for moose stew contained inside a puff pastry. Lesser men may find their minds melted from the flavor and savory goodness.

There was no Kangaroo option (kanga-bangers!} so I picked Pig

surprised cow is winning considering how much bacon love the internets has also apparently the most consumed meat on the planet is goat....

It's funny to see both chicken and pig tied. Both I would say are my favourite meats, pork for the taste and chicken for the high protein low fat nutritional factor.

I like reindeer and moose, although moose is really just like slightly gamey tasting beef.

All of the above, preferably at the same time.

I am 12 vegan and what is this

The best cuts are from genuine butchers. Also taking a course in meat cooking is well worth it as is investing in a decent knife set.

Ugh. Trying to cut sirloin with a blunt knife is hell.
Also plucking and gutting. Boring, delicate and time consuming.

i like pig, fish, chicken, lamb, cow in that order.
But so much food is getting banned from being served in restaurants because of food poisoning.
It is sad...

Wheres the duck meat at? I love a good duck sandwich. Donkey meat ain't bad either, sometimes it tastes like ass though.

Also, meat lovers don't really need to unite. We're by far the majority, which means we pretty much unite every second of the day.

Fish, preferably raw. Sushi is a drug. Otherwise, shellfish.

Fish. Quick to prepare, nice and light.

First goes for lamb.Can't go wrong with nice juicy laaaaamb choooooooop.
No goose on the poll?that saddens me.It takes second as my favorite meat.
third is venison.I want to try moose,but very little restaurants have it in Europe.
fourth is a tie between pork and cow.

Kangaroo, it's like a more delicious, better beef, emu like a cross between beef and duck i guess? and goat, like lamb but leaner.

I prefer Quorn thank you very much. :3


veggies will get wedgies....

Also, meat lovers don't really need to unite. We're by far the majority, which means we pretty much unite every second of the day.

not if we need to unleash our full power against the intergalactic veggie threat

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