To all the men in the house

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Worryingly, I can't think of much. I did once carry a girlfriend about four miles home because her heels had hurt her feet, but we were both drunk, and alcohol does crazy things to my endurance. Besides, I'd never be that nice if I was sober.

What's the nicest thing you've ever done for a lady?

I didn't stab her when I found out she wasn't actually a lady?

That's really all that comes to mind.
My adventures with the fairer sex are less than extensive.


big of me huh ? :P

either that or buying her 1210s...

one or the other...purely going by reaction you understand...and they were different ladys at different times in my life.

although there was that whole "i own your cock now" thing i once said "yes" to...

Uhh, I help my mother and little sister quite often with computer/internet issues?
Yeah, I've never done anything romantic in my entire life.

I saved her life, I regret doing that to this very day.

A girl I liked once jokingly told me she wanted me to knit a pair of socks as her birthday present.

So I did. Because I can.

*Shrugs* I didn't treat her any different from other people/genders?

Well, she identifies as a man now.

But back when he was a she, I saved his life a couple of times. (Nothing overly heroic; just keeping them from suicide.)

Does "not punching people in the face when they ask dumb questions" count as "something nice"? If not, then i'd have to answer; not a darn thing.

I dunno... my interaction with the opposite sex is severely limited and always has been... not to mention the fact that I'm kind of a terrible person... so I can;t think of anything... so I suppose that's my answer...<.<

What's the nicest thing you've ever done for a lady?

Broken up with them. They were all the better for it, trust me!

Oh, and there were a few weird sex fantasies, but those weren't so bad. At least I still got sex.

Well, the few females I know aren't that close to me, so yeah...

Loop Stricken:

My adventures with the fairer sex are less than extensive.

You and me both, pal, you and me both...

On more than one occasion, I have held a girl's hand / comforted them while they were being sick...a lot! The first wasn't my GF (sadly) but she was, and is, a great friend and also has a phobia of vomiting...I tell you it really cements a friendship when you spend 2 hours lying in a bath (it was a tiny bathroom) while your dear friend really isn't doing so well.

I did the same recently when my girlfriend was in hospital and had a bad reaction to Entonox.

Without wishing to toot my own bugle, I like to think I am a decent, GENUINE nice bloke (I.E I don't pretend to be nice to gain access to girls' knickers) so I always try to help out when I can. Paying a friend's vet bill for their beloved GSD (who I also love to bits) because it swallowed a tennis ball and they were struggling as their boiler had exploded the week before and so were skint seemed like the right thing to do and, if I am honest, I would have been just as devastated as her owners had Tala died. They tried paying me back and, after they pretty much forced some money into my wallet, I started to insist they'd paid me the rest at a later date and it seems to have worked.

Being nice doesn't have to mean being a white-knight or involve money, sometimes just lending a sympathetic ear and a comfy shoulder to cry on can mean the world.

Life's too short to be a bastard, so why not be good, instead?

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