Do you remember the last time you were hugged?

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It's a bit of an odd question i suppose but i thought about this and i honestly can't remember
the last time i hugged or was hugged by someone. It's probably because i'm not that touchy
feely with people i don't know very well or my family i would sooner punch my sisters in the arm
than hug them when i see them :P.

So escapists can you remember the last time you got a hug?

Six days ago precisely, one of the children at an art club I volunteer with hugged me, so fairly recently. I tend to hug my family members when I see them, though since I don't live with any of them that isn't particularly often.

About an hour ago, I think. Me and boyfriend hug all the time.
I hugged him because he was being a grump.

Not including the boyfriend the last person I hugged was his brother when we were leaving his house on new years.

Last night, my mom.

i dont know .. 15 years ago or so give or take

The last hug I had was on saturday, I think I need one today!

I don't remember when I was hugged last.
It was some time ago and it was my mum.

I truly see I am lonely now. D:

Captcha: Disco Bear.

Hehe, look at that goofy bear... that cheer me up! :D


Sometime during high school 3 or 4 years ago maybe, although those weren't consensual. Last time I hugged somebody would be never(assuming animals don't count).

Last night before I drove home! I am a cuddly person XD

New Years Day. Hugged lots of friends since we were all at one friend's house for New Years, and were all rather drunk, as you do.

I don't do much for the touchy feeling things, but an old friend of mine just hugged me yesterday as we said goodbye. I never really know how to respond properly though. I've been told I hug like a robot. Whatever.

No. Hugs are for the weak.

About an hour ago I guess. Only my girlfriend and my sisters are allowed to hug me as I am not big on hugging.

Any kinda hug? Last night, saying goodnight to my younger bro.

Tight, and cuddle like hug? Last Friday, when my GF and I went to watch Paranorman. ^^

Just yesterday I was hugged by my mother and my father before I left.
We're a hugging kind of family, although It's been a while since I was hugged by my sister, the last being a very bad time in my life when a hug was necessary.

Last night. My flat mates are all really huggy people. Despite my best efforts to persuade them that I'm not, they still insist.

Yesterday. A couple of friends had come over for food and to discuss living arrangements with them for next year and when they left I hugged them both goodbye.

Hugs are great. I like giving and receiving hugs, and they work really well for greetings and goodbyes for friends. Everybody needs a hug.

About a minute ago.

My daughter just got in from school, gave me a hug. 4 more kids due home soon that's 4 more hugs. Then my wife is due home, that's another.

The house of hugs.

I don't like people being in my personal space.

I only hug to console others in great sadness.

uh... whenever the last time I saw my grandma, a couple weeks ago. It's impossible for me to go to granny's without having to give her a hug *shrug*

If we're talking non-family, it's been... years. I'm also of the non-touchy variety.

My mother, just a few minutes ago, she likes to hug me, my sister and my dad a lot, since my sister is in England, she hugs me more to compensate.

This afternoon. My girlfriend was trying to cheer me up since I was sad because I found out that I failed another one of my Prelim exams.

Sunday, multiple times from my brother and sister, despite the fact that I'd just backstabbed everyone to win at an impromptu game of monopoly.

I have a super huggy polar bear. Does that count?

Seriously, he's like a hug trap. His arms go under mine and his legs around my waist, and it is like a perfect hug.

3 hours ago


by another guy


Some times last year. I had just driven a girl home and I stuck around cause she wanted to talk about some stuff that was on her mind and got a hug afterwards. But none since then and it had been like a few years before that


then again I'm not really a fan of hugs at all so that's totally cool.

4:35 PM, June 7th, 1996.

Dude, I hug everyone on my dorm floor. Mainly to bug people, but I also think that hug every once in a while brightens up your day.

Sure I can. It was just the other day when I was visiting my parents. My Mom is all about hugs.

My best mate. I'm a hugger, and my most of friends are pretty accepting of that. I learn pretty early on who is okay with hugs and who isn't.

Around two-and-a-half years ago, though the person did it more out of pity than genuine feeling. XD

The last person that I hugged was my mother yesterday when I got home from class. I'll hug anyone, though! :D

It I don't remember.

I think it was a month ago, but I can't remember honestly.

Last Saturday I had a crapton of hugs. I guess that's my last time.

About a minute ago.

My daughter just got in from school, gave me a hug. 4 more kids due home soon that's 4 more hugs. Then my wife is due home, that's another.

The house of hugs.

Now that's a good house. I wish I was raised with such affection.

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