Nick R P Green - Rayman Origins, who cares what the story is, the gameplay makes up for it!

Hi again. Discovered I had accidentally posted my Hydrophobia video twice, so rather than leave a massive apology on this one, I've decided to throw up a review (written rather than video) that I wrote for my university newspaper on Rayman Origins! Enjoy!

Origins takes us back to the 2D side-scrolling gameplay from the first Rayman game, whilst providing a new story, set after the original trilogy. In a similar fashion to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, up to four players can romp across a vast selection of levels. Different areas of the game have their own distinct styles, and the artistry and level design really shines through. Levels look beautiful, and the vibrant worlds match up well with the quick pace and energy that the gameplay desires.

The platforming feels solid and sees characters moving through levels seamlessly, bouncing of walls and grabbing lums easily. Team-mates only affect one another when attacking, so there's no bumping into friends, making co-op play fast and fun. Abilities are unlocked through the game and by the end you'll be flying, diving and running up walls with ease. The difficulty curve is nicely balanced, starting out simple and becoming monstrously difficult towards the game's very end, always providing a challenging experience.

Content wise, this game is huge! Just as I thought I was about to finish, the game throws out another selection of levels almost as big as the first, and with extra collection and timed challenges, there's plenty to do once the credits have rolled. Solo, this game is a very good adventure, but throw in a couple of friends and you've got a game that will provide hours of fun with some of the best flowing platforming I have seen in a long time.


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