2011 Billboard Top 100 Review: #4-1

Let's get it done!

#4: "E.T." by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

I've said enough about Katy Perry, seeing as this is my third time reviewing her for this review. As for Kanye West, he's a decent rapper, but usually fails at guest verses. Let's see if that's the case here.

The beat's not bad. The drums are a bit reminiscent of "We Will Rock You", but the keyboard line is nice. But Kanye West...is not on point here. His rapping is autotuned even more than usual, and the lyrics are really bad. "I want to bathe my ape in your Milky Way"? "Pockets on Shrek, rockets on deck"? Katy Perry's part is actually really good. Her singing is on key more than usual, and her lyrics do a far better job of what the song is trying to do, comparing her relationship to a mysterious man to being a relationship with an alien, since they are from "different worlds". And seeing as her husband was, at the time, Russell Brand, she may have actually known what it was like being with an alien. It's actually pretty good. But Kanye West drags the song down. The version without his verses is a lot better. Naturally, the one with Kanye West is the one that got on radio, and became a huge hit. America...I don't get you.

#3: "Firework" by Katy Perry

Another Katy Perry song? Please be better than the last one.

The beat is pretty good, just like all Katy Perry songs. Her singing is also pretty good, albeit obviously autotuned. But for some reason, I don't like this song as much as her other ones this year. I should like it more, since it is an "inspiring" song. But as far as those songs go, this is pretty generic, basically saying "you are beautiful, no matter what others say". It's not bad, but I just can't understand why this song was so much more popular than "Born This Way", or "Fucking Perfect". At least those two weren't quite generic. Katy Perry doesn't do generic too well, so it's disappointing that she not only went generic, but got a bigger hit by doing so. Ah, well.

#2: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO

...Really? I have to listen to these...artists...again?

This song actually has a really catchy beat, and it stands out as well, being something that will make you recognize this song right away. But...look, I have nothing against dance songs. LMFAO...does not do a good job with dance songs. Or anything, for matter. And seriously, "I run through these hoes like Drano"? Along with bragging that your party won't have Led Zeppelin? Maybe I haven't been to enough parties, but I don't usually hear much Led Zeppelin being played at parties. It's songs like this.

Their singing isn't any better than the lyrics, either. This song just reinforces my theory that their career was most likely launched because of their relationship to another famous musician. See, the band is actually an uncle-nephew duo, Stefan and Skylar Gordy, respectively. Stefan's father, and therefore Skylar's grandfather, is Berry Gordy, the man who founded Motown. That is a huge name in the music industry.

This is a decent dance song, and hell, most dance songs are not known for their lyrics. I mean, what are the words to the Macarena? "Something, something, ayyyy Macerena, AI!", right? But I just don't see how this song (or the Macarena, for that matter) were such big hits!

#1: "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele

Well, there's a surprise to see at the top. Adele isn't exactly what you think of when you think of modern pop music.

This song, in my opinion, deserves the praise it gets. That muted guitar at the beginning is the only music that is playing when the lyrics start, with other instruments joining in later, which is an interesting format for a song. As for the lyrics, they are a bit different than her other hit this year. Where "Someone Like You" was focused more on her missing the other guy, this song is focused more on her feeling upset that they could have had a great relationship, but her ex really screwed it up. You can tell from the song that she is singing from her soul. The lyrics are a bit weird sometimes, but not to the point you can't tell what she is singing about. It's just a great song, and definitely deserves the number one spot more than the other 3 songs in this part, or the rest of the top ten, for that matter.

As a surprise, I'll be putting up 3 different videos. I'd recommend checking out all of them. Yes, even the last one. You will be surprised.

Well, that finishes off the entire top 100. Honestly...it wasn't all that bad. There were some truly bad songs, but there were also some great songs. Mostly, it was just bland. If you'd like to see me review another year, just let me know. Just keep it post-Beatles. I love The Beatles, but I don't want to do a list where all the rock songs are British Invasion, you know?

Previously: #9-5

From what I've heard, it's not worth doing a version of this for the british popchart. Congratulation to making it to the end.

E.T has a remix with Benny Benassi (the guy who made Satisfaction) which is better in my opinion. In fact, most remixes remove the Kanye part. It was tacked on by the producers because they thought that it wouldn't be much of a hit without "him". I find it a personnal guilty pleasure to listen to a Kanye's guest verse because he mostly screw it up in a spectacular way. (This is coming from a guy who thinks "graduation" was one of the best albums of the last decade).

I think the radios were responsable for "Fireworks". One local radio in my area played the song 6 times in the same afternoon. They only play songs and they have no shows. Most people don't notice it.

"Party rock Anthem", "I'm sexy and I know it" and maybe "Shots" will be the only things LMFAO will be remembered for. Although, I predict most people will have forgotten them in a few years.

I'm happy that Adele is number 1 instead of "Bimbo no. 4503".

Overall, 2011 wasn't a spectacular year, but it was an interesting one. Good stuff came out, bad stuff also came out. However, we should all remember that it was the year that marked the end of the Black eye peas.

I agree. And I wasn't thinking about doing the British popcharts. I was just asking for suggestions for a year, asking that it be post-British Invasion, i.e. The Kinks, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and so on.

I agree. And I wasn't thinking about doing the British popcharts. I was just asking for suggestions for a year, asking that it be post-British Invasion, i.e. The Kinks, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and so on.

I've been thinking of writing a review about "The original, the remix or the cover" which is about a few songs and I give my opinion on which one's version is better. Although, I don't have a lot of free-time with my university workload, gym, babysitting my roommate, etc. If you want to take go at it, it's fine with me. Although, if you really want that british invasion, I don't know much about the Kinks. It would be nice to find another good old-band.

I have a set of reviews where I've compared a cover to the original called "On The Cover", but recently, I've thought about toning it down to focus entirely on the cover.

As for set plans, I just used that impartial tool called "random number generators", and I'll be reviewing the top 100 Billboard chart for 2004 next.

LMFAO has called it quits also and broken up as a duo *nods* and a set of 100 for 2004... i completely forget what songs appeared in 2004 but im sure as it happens ill be like OH RIGHT!

LMFAO has called it quits also and broken up as a duo *nods* and a set of 100 for 2004... i completely forget what songs appeared in 2004 but im sure as it happens ill be like OH RIGHT!

Woo! That's good news. Even if it's a popular band, it's good to know that ultimately, the lack of talent will result in being nothing more than a flash in the pan. Just ask Hot Chell Rae.

As for the 2004 list, from a quick glance over, I saw a bit of country, but mostly pop-rock. Not much hip-hop.


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