1976 Billboard Top 100: #75-71

1/4 of the way through!

#75: "Fox On The Run" by Sweet

Haven't heard this song by these guys, but I have heard "Ballroom Blitz" and "Action" by them, both of which were fun songs.

Music is a bit different than I expected. It's pretty synth-intensive, but with a fun guitar line as well. Pretty solid stuff. As for the singing, that's never really been a strong suit for Sweet. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad singer. Once you've heard one high pitched glam rocker, though, you've heard them all.

As for the lyrics, it is about as deep as you expect a glam rock song to be. Basically, the singer is singing about a girl he knew, that changed when he saw her years later, calling her the title phrase. No idea what that means, but OK.

This is a fun little ditty. It's not deep, and the lyrics are definitely inconsequential, but it is easy to tell that Sweet had a fun time recording the song, and it comes through solidly when you hear the track, making it an easy listen. Not one of my favorites by them, but I enjoyed it.

#74: "Let Her In" by John Travolta

Yes, Vincent Vega had a singing career. I'll just let that sink in for a bit.

Music is very...well, it sounds like the backing track of a generic karaoke song. You can almost see the words scrolling by. Probably would be better, too, because John Travolta is not a strong singer. At all.

This is a generic love song. He is singing about a girl, and how he is going to let her into his life. Those words, by the way, make up over half the lyrics.

Not much I can say about this song. The 80's were known for their bad slow songs that sounded like a karaoke song that accidentally got popular, but this is proof that those songs were being made before the 80's as well. The music is boring, John Travolta just can't sing, and the lyrics are lazy. It's not horrible, but it isn't good, either.

#73: "Summer" by War

Again, I know the band, but for different songs. In this case, "Low Rider" and "Why Can't We Be Friends?".

Music is...not that impressive. It is even more sparse than the instruments in "Low Rider", which is saying something. There is a cowbell, a quiet guitar, and eventually drums, brass, and some keys, but not for a while. As for the singing, it is very unremarkable. It is quiet, but isn't noticeably out of key either.

Look at the title. What do you think this song is about? It is about the political climate of Chile. Either that, or describing how awesome summer is. Take your pick.

This is a very unremarkable song in every way. The instruments don't stand out, the singing doesn't stand out, and the lyrics are as generic as they come. If I want a song about summer celebration, I'll stick to The Beach Boys. At least they sound like they are having fun. This song sounds about as exciting as the average endoscopy.

#72: "Wake Up Everybody (Part One)" by Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes

Never heard of them, but "The Bluenotes" is a name you could only get away with in Motown.

Nice music. Starts off with a piano line, then kicks in with some bass, and finally some drums later on. Simple, yet complex at the same time. As for the singing, Harold Melvin is a fairly good singer. He has a bit of a rougher voice for soul, but he makes it work well.

The lyrics are sad, but very true as well. Basically, he is singing about how the world is not as good as it should be, and telling people to wake up and fix things, because the world won't make itself better.

This is a song with a very solid message, and with a strong delivery. You can feel the passion in the singer's voice. Where this song succeeds, and where "Fly Like An Eagle" fails, is that he is encouraging everyone to do something to fix the world, including himself, and giving specific examples. Teachers need to teach new ways, doctors need to help the old people to make their last years on Earth happy, and builders need to build a new land, that sort of thing. Much more powerful of a message, right?

#71: "I'm Easy" by Keith Carradine

That makes two actors this set. And yes, he is related to John Carradine, David Carradine, and others. Oh, and this song was written and performed for the movie "Nashville", winning a Golden Globe and Oscar in the process. Not bad.

Music is pretty nice. It is almost entirely an acoustic guitar line, but it sets the tone of the song quite well. As for the singing, Keith's voice is a little strong on the country for my tastes, but he is still a decent singer.

The lyrics aren't half-bad, actually. Basically, he is explaining to his girl that "easy" doesn't mean "will let you do whatever you want, and treat me however you want". I don't really agree with all he says, but still.

This is...not bad. I don't really hear an Oscar winner, though. The lyrics are pretty good, granted, as is the music, but the singing voice just isn't that strong. Maybe the field was weak that year, but when I see "Oscar winner for Best Original Song", I expect a song that is really good, not a song that is all right. This song doesn't do anything really wrong, but it doesn't really excel, either.

That set had a couple of good songs, but I want more than that.

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It was interesting listening to this 5 because i heard some really bad songs... then an oscar winner? and if that song won an oscar eurgh... thats not good news.. good you reminded me of Ballroom Blitz again btw.. LOVE THAT SONG! :D


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