1976 Billboard Top 100: #65-61

Almost in the fifties!

#65: "Let's Do It Again" by Staple Singers

Who? *research* Ah, a gospel/soul/R&B group.

Well the music isn't bad. It's somewhat reminiscent of Marvin Gaye, in a good way. Singing is actually a bit dull, in my opinion. They are fine singers, but they don't really seem to show a lot of connection with the song.

As for the lyrics, this is one of the slowest, most soulful songs about sex you'll ever hear.

This is a decent song. It is fun to listen to, and the lyrics are a lot more gentle than most sex songs. If the singers could put a little more oomph in their voices, instead of saving it for the last 30 seconds of the song, it would be a lot better. As it is, though...it's fine.

#64: "Island Girl" by Elton John

About time Elton John showed up for this list. Don't think I've heard this song, though.

Music is nice. Strong piano, of course, but there is some guitar in this song, albeit not as much as Saturday Night's Alright. As for the singing, Elton John is definitely on form here.

Lyrics are singing about, well, an island girl. One who turns tricks in New York, asking her what she wants in a white man's world, and telling her about a fellow island man who wants to save her from the racket boss.

Elton John songs are always great musically and vocally, so I focus on the lyrics more there. And these lyrics are...a bit uncomfortable. I don't think I can call it racist, exactly, since the main heroine of the song is described as being from Jamaica, but the idea of a black girl being trapped by a white man, while another black man tries to save here...seems a bit off. Still a good song to listen to, though.

#63: "Saturday Night" by Bay City Rollers

Repeat artist!

Song starts off with a chant, akin to a baseball game, but when the instruments kick in, they are actually pretty good, with a solid guitar beat and a decent keyboard in the chorus. As for the singing, these guys are definitely trying to be The Beach Boys. Judging from the Beach Boys song earlier in this list, they are actually better at it than The Beach Boys were in the 70's.

As for the lyrics, this song is about a date the singer has with a girl on Saturday night at the rock show, describing how fun it will be.

The lyrics are pretty shallow, but the song is still solid. The music is fun, the chant they do in the song is an interesting idea for a song, and the singing is actually quite good. It's about as deep as "Surfin' USA", and about as fun to listen to. That is a good thing.

#62: "Shop Around" by Captain and Tennille

Ah, one of those famously bad 70's artists that stayed around for a long time.

Music is decent, but it would be better if the keyboard artist would play the piano instead of just pounding it. Bit heavy-handed. As for the singing...Tennille is not horrible.

The lyrics are basically advice in love. Don't swear to be in love with the first man you date, but keep your options open until you know you have found the right one.

This song is...not that great, and especially not for a cover of a song by The Miracles. Tennille does a decent job singing, but the music is not the greatest, and she doesn't really sound that sincere with the lyrics. Might be a bad song choice, but it just isn't that good of a song.

#61: "I'll Be Good To You" by Brothers Johnson

Who? *research* Ah, an R&B duo.

Music is decent. Slow tempo, nice piano and drums. Definitely soulful. As for the singing, the singer is pretty decent. He has a good voice for soul, but he sounds a bit shaky when he raises his pitch. Not sharp, though, which is good.

As for the lyrics, this is a song to a girl. The singer has been with her for a long time, and is telling her that he is ready to take the next step in their relationship, while reassuring her that he'll always treat her right.

This is a solid song. The music shows a bit more soul than R&B or funk, which was a surprise, the singing was decent, and the lyrics seem pretty genuine. This isn't a deep song, as the lyrics aren't all that unique, but he does sell every word quite well. I like it.

Well, that set was, with one exception, pretty good.

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Reasonable 5 there.. whats the song in the next 5 you wish you didnt know btw? haha hopefully its convoy! that song gets annoying


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