The Fallout 4 review by members of No Mutants Allowed - REPOST

This is the community review and our "official" statement on the game. It was released last December, but as in of period of post-Fallout 4 tranquility and possibly hibernation, we're trying and spreading out a bit more, with the attempt to get the somewhat regular podcast back running (We've got an interview with MCA!), most with the Fallout 1 retrospective we're doing very soon for the 20th anniversary. To try and make us look less like the fandom's boogeyman too. Seeing that you are a fairly critical community, I found this place as good as any to share this in.

Anywho, here it is below. Original and thread here:

Here's a slightly edited pastebin version of it:

It also seems that you don't have a Fallout 4 review on the index, so here's one.


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