I left you because......

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So damn touchy...."want a cuppa coff...""COUNTERATTACK!!!"

You love me longtime not?

I hate the letter 's'.

There is no love for me anymore for what reason, now?

Because I saw what you did that night so many weeks ago. I have been living with the guilt for so long now. I feel like anyday I am going to snap and just go crazy with your butchers knife. The therapist helped, until the cops found his body.

Why did you leave me?

Cause you killed a man.

Why hath thine affection dispersed?

My love tis' like a spring flower. lovely, but must eventually die. (That's about as poetic as I'm gunna get.)

No! Don't Say "it's not you it's me!" That's what they all say! Don't go!

Because when you asked for light I set myself on fire, but you still wanted more!

Why don't you want to stay?
Time to call it a night.

*voice shaking* I-I'm sorry, but... I'm in love with Sparky... my PC. I'm sure you understand.

Please... don't go. You, me... I thought we had something.

Because you're an inanimate object!

Why would you leave me alone in my time of need?

I fell asleep

why did you make like a hockey player and got the "puck" out of here?

doop doop doop doop doop

Sweetheart, I hate to say it, but you let yourself go.

Why'd you leave me alone in the cold?

You were always talking. Never stopped. NEver anytime for me. ONly chatter chatter nag and the nagging endless nagging chatter chatter laughter horrible horrible laughter. YOU NEVER STOPPED WITH THE HORRIBLE LAUGHTER! Just nag nag noise so much noise chatter nagnag shatter with the toilet seats washing tea washing handbags natter chag nag chatter *carried off into a van* *placed in straight jacket*

*blink**blink* I think you know why I left you.

Why did you get up and go?

I just went down to the market and when I came back you were gone!


Because you gave wood to another girl!

You swung away from me into her lap, why ?

she was on RED team

why did you leave us?

Because you fucked up my time jump! I went back and married your sister!

I dunno too much, including why you left me?!

I couldnn't love oyu the way oyu deserved

why did you not pay me then leave?

I didn't have the money, plus your gun firing, was putting danger on myself and my family.

I must know why did you leave me?

I was always worried that you wouldn't come home from the Soul Society!

Why'd you leave me in the rain?

Because I realised you were married. You should have told me.

Why did you leave me?

Your last name was too long, seriously too long! Gay joke unintended

Why'd you walk out on your 253 children?!

You abandoned me one too often with your time traveling! I was lonely all time.

Why did you walk out that door?

Because you boarded up the window from my dynamic entry.

Why'd you climb out the cat flap?

Because you were trying to force-feed me burnt toast.

Why did you teleport away?

we're just 2 different Kerricks
and were just never meant to do whatever it is that Kerricks to for intimacy

why did you make me a SAAAAD Kerrrick?

You loved that gun more than you loved me!

You'd make a young blonde boy cry? Why?

You were always being followed by your damn fangirls!

Why'd you go and leave me all alone?

I didn't actually
I was almost killed remember?

why didn't you come back to me?

You left me all alone, not to forget I thought you were dead.

Why did you get up and leave, then never come back?

I was chasing the demoman as they say

why did you do the opposite of rick ashleys "never give you up"

Cause you used that to get me into this relationship!

You left me now, and took away the biggest part of me, why ?

Because i once caught you sleeping with toast

YOu ripped my heart from my chest and stomped it

because i only love people of the lower and middle class

I can only truly love someone if they ask questions.

Please don't leave me... I don't want to be alone in this cold, unforgiving world... Why are you walking away?

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