What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Post Your guess of the above users deepest darkest secret!

He secretly incited the failed moose revoulution.

He secretly cant dance as well as his avatar.

He secretly hid a corpse of himself in a box at sea.

He's secretly a bird.

He's secretly the scout from tf2.

He's secretly a banana tree.

He secretly doesn't change colors.

He secretly does't have hands.

He secretly doesn't have fingers or toes.

Is secretly Queen Elizabeth II.

Is secretly able to cut with a key..... Never understood that.

Secretly belives that the tooth fairy is Jason Stathem.

Secretly believes.

Secretly still believes in the tooth fairy.

Secretly is the tooth fairy.

Secretly is circles not squares.

Secretly killed the tooth fairy with a sock filled with his own toes.

Secretly has never worn socks.

Secretly has no secrets.

Secretly isn't a feline.

Secretly has a cheese sandwitch lodged in his buttocks.

Secretly steals from the homeless.

Secretly likes to eat boiled puppies in curry.

Secretly is Han Solo in disguise.

Secretly has a French accent.

Secretly is pentalingual.

Secretly is preparing to invade the core of the moon.

Secretly lives in the core of the moon.

Secretly funds my moon core army.

Is an Illuminatus.

Secretly hates pirates.

Secretly is a ninja.

Secretly sided with the zombie-robots.

Secretly rides a dinosaur.

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