You eat the Avatar above you!

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I no longer need to eat.

I never needed to to begin with...I'm just weird like that.

*wills a feast into existence for xmbts*

Will that satisfy you?

Yeah, I guess, I didn't want to eat your big blue...face anyway.

I don't need to eat, but I still wouldn't want to eat you anyway.

I have no digestive system, but I could do with your bones!

Speaking of which, you're all bones. Not too tasty.

I don't want to eat you.
Your atomic structure is beautiful as it is.

HurrdURRRrrr i eat you funny blue guy!

...and didn't enjoy it.

Hey Amy. *Nom!*

Hallo xmbts, to what do I owe this pleasure?

Hey there sexy...

Oh shit...

Ooh, so fancy, better take out the china.

Will this make me yellow?

This is going to get me serious indigestion isnt it?

Maybe I'll bury you in the backgarden for later.

Straight back at 'cha

Slim pickin's...

I think I'll be doing the world a favor.

Do I have to?



What quote?

These ones!

I think you posted those on the wrong thread... and snipping the quote doesn't help your case.

If you click your name it takes you to the quote.

Do those really count?

I asked your permission first, and stopped when you told me to.

I think they do, it's pervy that doesn't mean it's immoral or anything.

No... its just using text to imply something else. I'm sure there were some people here that thought I wasn't deviating from the topic at all. Those people would be idiots, but idiots are everywhere.

Yay, more noms for my Kenyan cat.

I think it's a beanie baby. That's made out of cotton and stuffing.

Might explain why my insides are in searing agony.

I imagine the meat would be pretty tough. Going to have to beat it with a sledge hammer.

I didn't know one could eat anime.

He would taste bland, like ashes.

Hmm, absolutely nothing will be gained from this, but I'll bet it will look absolutely nightmarish.

Hey, look, this whole thing was organised & paid for beforehand. Entirely consensual, the owner of the hostel told me so.

Looks unappetizing, but that makes it all the more interesting.

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