You eat the Avatar above you!

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I seem to devour you quite a bit...

This is my first time. Try to not resist too much.

Good luck with that, I'm not doubting your ability I'm just saying she wouldn't be very appetizing.

Hmmm... I don't like eating people generally and you might blow up in my mouth if memory serves me right...

MmMmmm! Canadian bacon!

It seems that I am literally biting "a shiny metal ass"

I've always wondered what penguins tasted like..

*bites into Alucard's leg*

Oh god. That ship is going to have a hard time passing through. (URP)(Groans)

Helllllooooooooo tasty nurse! I think I'll start with your thighs.

My god. It turned red! That can't be good. (Also I'm an automail otaku)

Hmm, this seems ironic. (My avatar is built out of cybernetic prosthetics)

You might blow up within me... I've not forgotten that one pic you showed me...

Induce vomiting, INDUCE VOMITING!

I think the spikes may hurt going down.

Having a bit of trouble seeing it, but I'm sure I can handle it.

Damn glasses.

Don't know if I should eat that; I might get flamed.

It's kind of hard to see but I guess.

Easily done...*NOM*

Can somebody pass the salt?

Needs to be shaved more.

Ah Yuki, my favorite dish.

I'd probably spare the glasses.

I hope there is flesh beneath that mask.

It's eerie how Yuki doesn't even blink as I nom her. But hey, food is food.


One second... (puts blindfold over eyes.) OK, I'm ready.

Ah you um.... well from what I can assume is a robot from the glowing eyes.... I nom you.

Blech... too fluffy, knew I made a mistake with the delivery order.

(I'm pure calcium, by the way!)

Dammit... no meat and all bones.

... Just keep looking in that direction. Pay no mind to me... NOM

Is that a ninja, I can't eat a ninja!

Ah well might as well try..Chomp, chew, Nom, Nom, swallow and burp.

Well that wasn't so bad.

I ate two people, and a regurgitated energy blast. I guess I'll fire it at whoever tries to eat me below! (IMMA FIRIN MAI LAZAH!) (BOOOOOM)

Now am going to eat... holy shit it's a lazor. (Boom! ow those things hurt don't know how I survived that but still, fucking hell. Now I know what it feels like.)


... Haven't I had this dish already?

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