If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Para: With enough fire O.O

That's the spirit! *pats head*

Mew~ =^_^=


Depends. What's the distinction between adorable and cute?





Sac... >.>

Capital of Turkey...<.<


Edirne sounds prettier...

It does doesn't it?

@scizo *cuddles*

@para hai there

@April: Heeey~

History! :D

It's all a mystery!


@Sac & @Para - what about geography then...?

@Sckizo: Na'www. That's made of crazy. =D

Pfft, you give yourself too much credit. =D

There is something of an enchantment about forum games. It unleashes the best of people but also flips their random switch.

@red why do you think this is about the only place I really post much?

Now, back to my Doctor Who marathon obsession/problem

*Args and blargs*

*crashes in and stuffs strawberries in everyone's pants* HELL JAH.

*looks up from Doctor Who* why do I have strawberries there? O_o

We do not question the wisdom of the strawberry Queen. @,@

I feel fruity.

I bet you do! =D

xmbts wanted to ask me a question but I was gone when they asked it so now they won't tell me what they want to know. It's irking me more than I want them to I'm curious as to what it was... <.<

I hate it when that happens. >,>

Damn timings. D=

I guess I'll never be able to answer if they'll never tell me the question. Meh.

If fairness it did take you 4 hours to respond to that.


but women are usually like that

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