Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Beat to death with a fish by a girl named Philip.

Throws you into a ball pit with very hungry children.

get into your systems and give you a nasty suprise before getting yanked by my spartan friend

As I *ahem* yanked you I accidently split you apart

your hand and feet are tied to two unicorns who after a slap run off in opposite directions and pull you apart

After disguising all the power points in your house as knife and fork holders I sit back and wait.

I disable your breaks as you arrive in drive straight through and go right over a cliff as you leave the city

I eject my copy of Halo and Frisbee the disc into the Manning River.

a knife is good for two things- one for slashing your wheels and the other for cutting off your fingertips, teeth, toes, and eyes so no one can tell who you are

I blind fold you and send you marching through an active minefield

I drop you in a puddle.

Im a cosplayer smartass not gonna work

anyway I set you up on on the range and shoot you up like a target

It would wash off the body paint leaving you naked to die of humiliation.

Im fine with my nakedness ;) *head shot* but not that....*dies*

I throw you into a vat of acid like the one that created the Joker

Well then I would be a cross between a gun toting robotic guitarist and the joker. And you would all be doomed.

...Unless of course you happen to be Batman flying a helicopter.

Nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

I already mentioned sexy firing squad... so RC bomb

Overshadowed to death.

Call in the grenadiers.

Call in Yarrick.

dance the 'horizontal tango' with her till she dies...atleast she'll die happy

Tell all the worlds movie critics that he was responsible for that movie they hated.

DDR until you die!

I sneak up slowly, butcher knife in hand....and when you least expect it, DOINK!

replace your logo with that of a shout "does not compute" before you self destruct

Death by bad spelling! MWHAHAHAHAHA!

thank the hazama wanna be for being so well behaved whilst ignoring his blatant trolling..he'll troll himself to death or an hero :3


The fonz points to you, gives a thumbs down and you become naked, then on fire then dead.

Have him jump the shark, lets see if he makes it this time.

How many plugs does it take to kill her? One, two, three. Three.

wrapped in barbed wire, thrown down a hill... at the bottom the hill are cookies :D

tell her she'll win a prize if she drinks the bottle of poison "Mellow Yellow" that I have for her

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