Give the user above you a humorous execution

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Make them eat a bowl of nails for breakfast...without any milk.

Make her eat every railroad spike on the trans-Siberian railroad.

Puts on the Fierce Deity's Mask and pwns your face inwards so hard, you die, come back to life, and die again from sheer awesome.

I set your hat on fire. You soon follow as you simply refuse to remove it.

I put some corks in your nose and mouth, that should take care of it.

Take out all the tubes and put dynamite in the holes!

Quietly plant a bomb that's set to go off as soon as the ship takes off.

*cuts off green hair* Like Samson you have no power without your HAIR!

Build a space station then drop it out of orbit right on top of them while screaming something dramatic.

Time to fire the cannon!


Well, then, my only choice is...

I use this:

Oh, yeah, you think you're SO tough with that mini-nerf gun.

THIS is a formidable weapon!

EDIT: Technical difficulties force me instead to point you to my avatar.

tape your Vuvuzela to your ear and have some one blow on it till your deaf and your brain melts into a pink puddle

Well, I'll take your skull and beat you to death with it. Yeah, RvB reference.

My methods involve clowns. Pray that they finish quick.

Send her to the death clowns.

I see we utilize the same mercenary force ;)

Well, I'll take your skull and beat you to death with it. Yeah, RvB reference.



Im a hologram.....I have no skull that I can be beaten to death with ;)

I will irritate you to death with flawed logic.

Time to unplug those multiple cables, all at once. With a sword... Maybe I'll cut your head off after that, just to be safe.

Bring in Arceus and say they are heathens.



What is there to say? This isn't a funeral, this is a corporate merger.
I'm going to be fucking rich!

Doesn't work.

I send all Planet Express employees to a dimension that is diabetes-inducingly sweet/cute.
The entire crew dies within the first 15 minutes of exposure.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so I'm going to sit here and not laugh at you until you die!

You made me laugh, so that didn't work.

I'm going to see if annoyance can be lethal, and so, I will spend as much time as needed on annoyingly childish pranks and bullshit to kill you.

Let's start with a classic: Ha ha! Not touching you! You can't get mad if I'm not touching you!


you called?

I melt the makeup off of your face... therefore, you are no longer a clown... therefore the "Clown" is dead.

Oh, it's not makeup, thats my skin, if you've read the meta-pub you'll know what i mean. oh and i kill you with 47 million pies.

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