Truth or False?

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Swords actually. But correct nonetheless.

The person below has seen a real gun.

Okay... Brio... the Equitarians are a faction from Planescape: Torment that believe that one should experience every single sensation or experience that life has to offer before one dies.

True. Police demonstration.

The person below me is an alchemist.

False. I am a soldier.

The person below me has slept with my avatar.

False. I have not and will not.

The person below me hates him/herself.

O_O. You good sir are in denial!

OT: False. I am lover not a hater.

The person below me has watched Avatar.

EDIT: Damn ninjas

Truth. I have seen Avatar.

The person below is currently eating Cheetos, Cheese-its, or the like.

False. The last thing I ate was grapefruit. And the next thing I'm going to eat is tuna caserole left-overs.

The person below me forgot they left the body in the trunk.

True, thanks for reminding me.

The person below me likes cats more than dogs.

Nope. Hamsters. ^_^

The person below me has heard of Zimmer. Hanz. Hanz Zimmer.

True! I remember his music from such films as: Gladiator, Pearl Harbor, The Last Samurai, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The person below me has a plane to catch!

False, I am the plane.

The person below loves desert bus.

False, I hate Desert Bus. But I do enjoy Desert Bus for Hope.

The person below can tell me the square root of 2 to 5 decimal places.

False. I've only seen it in LRR videos... never played it.

The person below me will incorrectly guess who my avatar is.

Ninja'd 2 times! False. I know you, Nameless One.

The person below has heard of user Best of 3.

True, I stalk him.

The person below wishes they were booster gold.

(oh and i know the square root of two to 9 decimal places by heart, same with square root of 3.)

Booster Gold the hero, or Booster Gold the user? Cause it'd be nice to be a super hero, but I'm already an Escapist user.. So: True for the hero, False for the user.

The person below me is going to watch zombie movies this weekend.

False. Harry Potter tomorrow though.

The person below is incapable of higher thought functions.

False. I'm studying English at University, and I'm writing a novel.

The person below me has a great avatar idea for Emersian.


The person below really hopes I'm not behind them right now.

False. I checked, you're not there.

The next person hates it when I get into mind-fuckery mode.

False, i cherish your challenges.

The person below is either thedoctor455, awesome express or Eumersian

False. Unless i hack the database to change it. Which,as we all know, is WRONG!

The person below has heard of Yu-Gi-Oh.

True I play it as well, but not as often as I use to.

The user below me is actually an A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

True false, I am not an A.I, although I'm not human either.

The user below is a lying talking lizard.

False: I am an honest fella.

The user below stole candy.

True. I was 8. Badass little child i was. (not really)
The user below is a dolphin.


The user below has dyed their hair.

True! Its brown naturally, but i dye it black. The person below me is afraid of spiders

The person below is on the escapist.

False. I am on The Escapist.

The user below is angry with me.

False. Hard to get angry with someone who makes sensible comments.

The person below heard of Hitler when he/she was 10 or below.

@Paradox: I make sensible comments?


The person below has an avatar.

True. And it changes ever so.

The person below didn't know about Stalin until he/she was 10+ years of age.

@Xpwn3ntial: Sensible as in only a skilled English enthusiast can decipher them without suffering brain damage.. Which i seem to be doing right.

False, I knew of stalin from around 8.

The person below can fly

The person below is wearing earphones.

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