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Zavior had just walked through the enterance to the building when some guy threw sand in his eyes. Zavior flailed around trying to get the sand out of his eyes, but someone strong tackled him.

Marne struggled with Zavior but managed to get his hands bound. He panted with exhaustion, "Get the bag on his head." As a follower shoved a bag on Zavior's head to blind and silence him Marne instructed three members, "You three split up and find Marco and tell him we have Zavior and he's to meet us in Solomon at Kain's house." Marne gestured a recruit to clean the room to it's previous condition. Marne exited the building through the back with his hands on Zavior and shoved him in the back of the compartments and entered, "Start driving I'll keep an eye on Zavior here."

Before they left, Lorel, Velen, and Itsuka helped bring down the barricaded gates, which scared the other districts for a moment. Though once they explained the threat was gone, some of the districts volunteered to help. Rebuilding began immediately, also help to those who were injured. Luckily Itsuka was left off with a warning, since she had helped them in the past; they forgave her but told her not to try it again, which she herself agreed.

When they left, they passed through the Middle Class and Size District of Anurai, the last district before Gallu. Though, their mission had taken a toll on the day and it was starting to get darker. So they decided to stay in Anurai which was hosting a festival. Unique to the districts around it, Anurai was more oriental based then the rest. This was mainly due to the original founders of Anurai.

Sitting down on a bench, looking down at the district square were people were dancing, some mages were doing special effects for the crowd, like fiery dragons, an ancient dead race. Lights flashed and everyone was enjoying themselves. The three though stayed much out of sight, mainly due to Lorel and Velen being tired. When they sat down, Lorel once more noticed that Itsuka eyes were still glowing green, like it was when she was under control.

"Hey Itsuka, I noticed, your eyes, why are they still glowing green even though your free?"

She thought about it but then came to a conclusion, a simple one. "I have no idea."

Velen laughed out loud, with his deep and grizzled voice. He patted her on the shoulder. "Great answer."

They continued to sit and watch the festival.

Kurin stuck to the rooftops as he kept his eyes on the strange group of captors, staying out of sight as much as possible and very quiet, he'd float back down to an alley and follow their carriage using the crowds around him as cover

"As you wish Myra... you can place your things in the next room if you wish, I swear that nobody will look through them." Damien said, turning to look at back at Kid.

Myra slid away to put her things in the room, the spare room a step up from anything she'd inhabited since leaving Upper District those few years ago. She set her bag down at the foot of the bed, not feeling relaxed enough to unpack yet, still jittery from the nerves of coming in the first place. Her life was taking a turn again, she could tell. If only she could prove herself useful in this new place. To Damien.

Reentering the Mage's room, she looked between them, waiting for an explanation of the kid's visit.

Lorel stood up from the bench and walked over to the railing, then turned back. "Well since we're staying here tonight, let's all get better acquaintance. How about you, Velen."

Velen cleared his throat. "Alright, well if you must know. I grew up in Upper District, with your parents. I was part of a rich family, while your parents were just normal mages, well except for your father who was part of the Eight Nobles. Our families worked together, mostly underground work, helping various resistances-"

Itsuka bumped in. "Wait Lorel, you're part of the Eight Nobles?"

"I will tell you all about that when it is my turn."

Velen continued. "Well as I was saying, we helped various resistances, your father, even before marrying your mother, with the help of his parents helped resistances. My family also had those beliefs and mainly did a lot of the work but your family also helped with some huge operations. During my youth, my family taught us the way of the blade. I participated in tournaments, and always took first place, except for the one year that a mage decided to join in. After that I quit, because even more mages began to jump in. Well now, basically skip many years and after your family was killed, my family was also discovered and we had to split. Now I am helping you."

Lorel decided to take this turn.

The carriage ride surprisingly did not take much time at all to get to Kain's house as it was right on the the edge of Solomon. Marne took the time to evacuate Kain's parents as Kain's carriage arrived.

Kain departed from his carriage still drowsy but happily rushed to embrace his family. His mother cried, "What's going on dear? Marne says you're in trouble what happened?" "Mom I'll explain later these men will take you to to a safer place in Rell." Kain wanted to know what Marne was here for. Mrs. Whitestroke stroked Kain's bandage, "Did you get hurt what happened I thought you've given up on that life. When will you go back to finish your education?" Kain signed with annoyance, "Mom if I didn't you wouldn't have a house anymore. How many times have we got to go over this things are better now." Marne gently grabbed Kain's mom and instructed her to get on the carriage Kain came in and stay quiet and safe. Marne gestured Kain over to the other carriage he arrived in. "Listen Kain you may be surprised but guess who I found." The carriage opened and out came a kid in black robes, bound with a bag on his head. Marne commenced introductions, "Kain meet Zavior, Let's get inside and we'll talk to him. Marco's on his way should be here in an hour or two." Kain paused, "Wait why is he tied up and why did you bring him here?" Marne responded, "It's the first place I thought of and the only way I knew to get him to come. Here help me tie him on the chair." Marne paused like a setter with the scent of quail, "Damn I should've done this earlier. Hey you four," he pointed at some Aurora members, "Keep watch outside I'll go bar the back door." Kain nodded as he tied Zavior up, "Hold on I have to go change my bandage it'll take a second."
Kain entered the bathroom and gently removed the bandage on his face. He grabbed a new one and added some ointment on it and gently pressed it to his afflicted cheek. Kain walked out and kept watch on Zavior.

Zavior opened his eyes, but saw nothing but blackness. When he was tackled, he must have smacked his head on something, because he couldn't remember how he got where he is. Where ever that is, anyway. Zavior tried to get up, but something was holding him in a chair. Ropes, most likely. He heard footsteps around, but began working on trying to loosen the ropes some.

Kurin memorized the faces of those he was following, and turned towards Upper District. He'd been putting off an order of business for a fair amount of time, and he didn't feel like chasing a horsedrawn vehicle on foot today. Stopping at a person who seemed drunk that smoothing handed him a marked map, he kept walking past the guard detail to Upper district before he looked at the map, and headed towards the tower marked.

1 Hour Later

Kurin arrives at Damien's, and knocks on the door.

Kain noticed Zavior moving and gently but firmly grasped his shoulders, "Stand still. Marne he's awake." Marne briskly paced into the room, "Zavior I must admit you were far easier to catch then I thought. You went for bait that obvious? I have no idea what my boss sees in you." Marne pulled up a chair, "We want to recruit you Zavior for a revolution movement of sorts. We have friends in high places who've been helping us so they can take over and bring freedom back to the people. My boss heard about you from a scout who's been following an ex-noble named Lorel Ion. Now we've lost contact from that scout so my first question to you before my boss gets here is where is Lorel?" Kain butted in feeling that Marne was too aggressive, "If you can't tell us where he is then tell us what you know." Marne quickly added a threat, "Tell us quickly, I have no qualms about beating it out of you before my boss gets here. I'm sure you won't mind Kain?" When Kain paused Marne continued, "Good."

Abandoned West Coast: Corthos Lighthouse

It was close to midnight when Jack stepped into the small clearing that surrounded the Corthos Lighthouse. Most of the area was overgrown and the lighthouse looked like it was about to fall apart. As Jack approached the lighthouse the rotten wood door was pulled aside and a man step out. He was dressed in similar armour as Jack, but with the mask removed and the hood pulled back. The two men stepped toward each other and embraced.

"Glad you finally made it here Jack."

"Good to see you too Marik. Where are the others?"

"My brother is out hunting, says he can track down a half decent meal for us. Alison is down in the basement, strengthening the wards around the escape tunnel and tending to Marcus' body."

"What have you been doing while you waited for me?"

"Mostly turning this district into a fortress. The area is scattered with traps, normal and magical, as well wards being set up to detect for anyone entering the area. Just in case whoever killed Marcus comes back."

"You think there is something worse than the factions is after us now."

"Maybe. Once you examine the body yourself, you'll see why I'm so paranoid right now. Anyway, I have to be going now, my turn to patrol the area. Funeral will be first thing in the morning." Marik walked off into the darkness, pulling on his mask and hood as he went.

Jack walked into the lighthouse, pulling the door shut as he went. Inside a collapsed staircase led up towards the balcony. A couple of torches had been hung on the walls. Jack made his way to a trapdoor which led down to the lighthouse's basement. He climbed down the ladder carefully and into the pitch dark basement. After few minutes of fumbling around, he found a door, which led into a brightly lit room.

In the centre of the room, a body lay on top of a rusted metal table. It looked like someone had tried to paint the body with a knife. Most of the skin hung in ragged clumps from the body, in some areas bone had been exposed. Jack made his way over to the table. The sound of a door opening drew his attention from the body. A young women wearing long, dark red and black skirt and tunic walked in.

"Alison, good to see you again."

Alison walked up and embraced him, "You to, Jack."

"How has your stay here been?"

"It's been fine. Marik is paranoid about Marcus' killer, keeps saying that it isn't one of the factions, had been set up traps around the district and prepare an escape route, just in case."

"I heard about that from him. Any idea who might have killed him."

"None yet. We'll talk about this in the morning. I need to have a quick nap before Marik sends me out on my patrol shift. I would suggest you get some sleep, but I'm not sure how your body works now that it has been bonded to your armour."

"Still the same. Even if it didn't I probably would sleep anyway. Been walking constantly for over a year now, and a decent night sleep would be a welcome change."

"Alright then. See you in the morning. Your room is at the end of the corridor."

Jack made his way down the corridor to his room. He flopped down on the mattress in the corner of the room and went to sleep almost instantly.

"Oh, what FUN! An interrogation!" Zavior smiled, but nobody could tell because of the bag over his head. "Part of me wanted the money to get passage to Upper District and the other part wanted to see who wanted to bait me. I figured it was the Red Stain, but they don't usually throw sand in people's faces. Nice touch by the way." Zavior still had the bag on his head, but he turned and looked at where Marne was when he said his last comment. "There are far easier ways to recruit people. Kidnapping tends to leave a bad impression, so I'm not going to tell you where Lorel went. You'll just have to beat it out of me."

"So what is it? What is the cause behind this power?" Kid fiddled with his fingers for a moment. "And what about blue-blood? Is it connected? Or is it just a coincidence? Who am I? What is this power? And why is it in me?"

Lorel stepped forward. "I am 16, 17 next months, was born in Upper District. Grew up fairly average, that is for a mage. Attended the academy, and was oblivious to what my parents were doing. I had trained in school and Amelia, my former best-friend. You know her as the head of Upper District now..."

Itsuka eyes widen but kept quiet until he finished.

"When she had taken over, even at the young age of 18, she rules with an iron fist. Soon after, my family was caught and she gave no sympathy, but instead banished me to the outside of Upper District. Alone I wondered, far and farther away until I reached Rell. Then after some other events I am now here. Basically my life in a nut shell."

Seizing this moment, Itsuka asked her question. "You were friends with Amelia?"

Lorel nodded her head. "You could say we were friends, maybe even something more..." he
trailed off. Itsuka decided from his tone not to go any further. Instead she decided to now introduce herself. As he sat down she stood up and faced the group.

"Well, I was born Middle District. Fairly poor, until I was discovered to have magic which then mages took me in. My family, I never saw them after that, and I can barely remember their faces. After that I lived on campus at the Academy. It was there where I made my name, becoming famous. I have a special sort of magic I can use, other than the normal magic. Red Magic. It's a sort of energy, I can use, it's like fire but completely red and instead of burning, it consumes the energy of its victim. After the academy, with a new found famous name "Red Itsuka" I left the comfort of Upper District and into the wilds until I got to Te'nin. Where I tried to make the lives of those who lived there better which worked for a while until... Well you know how that turned out."

Now all three were acquainted with each other.

Shiba finally made it to the Gate to the Upper District. It was darkening, so he had started to jog to not miss his training session.When he made it to the gate, he pulled out his bag of coins, or the air where it was. "What?!" he said as he stopped, his bag of coins was gone, he knew it as there an hour ago... And he hadn't seen anyone since then. "Crap, I must have dropped it." he said as he sprinted in the other direction.

He found his bag, just the bag, the money had been taken out of it, just leaving his small worthless bag. "Crap..." Shiba whispered to himself. He walked back to the gate and tried to explain, that he would pay them back tomorrow. The guards seemed very not excited for the idea. He asked if they could send a message to his master, They rejected that too.

Shiba was getting annoyed, he had been standing there trying to get his way into the upper district for the last hour. He sighed and considered pulling his blade out, he knew he could win, but his blades aren't exactly subtle, they would leave easy to recognise cuts.

"Is there anyway I can make it though? I will miss training... Maybe you recognise me? I'm Shiba the sword saint, I work at the Colosseum." he explained, one of them raised an eye brow.
"Oh? Prove it" he said as he smiled and pulled out his blade.
Shiba pulled out only his fire blade, and with one swipe, took out the inexperienced guard's sword from his hand.

He held the flame sword up and said "Who else has one of these?" and the guard scampered back and opened it. He sprinted through, not saying thanks. He went as hard as he could to make it to the training grounds, it was getting dark, and he knew he would still need to train. Training in the dark was the worst, since he couldn't see in the dark, but his master had bought enchanted glasses to let him see in the dark, so Shiba had to train just on his other senses.

He burst through into the room, sweat down his face and he was breathing heavily. His master just laughed, "You are so useless sometimes you know that?"
Shiba panted his agreement.
"Well, time to start" he said as he blew out the fire illuminating the room, and put on his glasses, being able to see everything.
Shiba walked over to where his training blades were. They were weighted the same as his Blue Crimson, but they were rounded and made of wood, to not hurt anyone.

As he grabbed them, his master sent a powerful lash at his legs. He wasn't expecting it to start so soon, so he just took the attack across his legs. He grunted in pain and sent a wild slash across, missing completely. [i]'This is going to be a long training session...['/i] he thought as he heard the whistling of the blade and brought his up to stop it.

"This is a powerful magic, something that we haven't seen very often. I'm pretty sure that you can learn to master the magic though, controlling it and even using it as you wish. However, I'm sure there will be a downside, as of what it is, I don't know. Blue-Blood... I've been reading through ancient texts, and apparently it means that your of royal blood. Which family you belong to will take more time to find out though." Damien said, closing his eyes and thinking about the things he had read in the past few hours.

"If you give me a few days, I should be able to create an eye-patch that has special properties that will dispel the taint in your eye. If the eye-patch is removed, the taint is free to roam. Now, the eye-patch I designed for you earlier is strong, but it will begin to fail if you use it continuously, what I suggest is a solution to that. The choice is yours, but I'll need to send for it to be made now if that is what you wish." Damien said, opening his eyes again and looking at Kid.

Marne obliged and began punching Zavior ferociously while Kain grabbed him yelling, "Stop Stop! Marne calm down you're just making this a waste of time." Marne still grabbed Zavior by the collar and threatened him, " You help us or we throw you in a river. Your choice-" He trailed off noticing an open door. Marco stood there wet and tired from the snowfall. His face twisted into anger when he noticed Zavior tied up, "What are you doing!? I didn't say kidnap him Marne! Nor did I say beat him!" Marne retorted, "I was told by a superior to use force-" "I'm your superior!" Marne still bickered, "I mean Nier told me to!" Marco signed and looked at the ground, "Sometimes I wonder where this organization would be if it wasn't for me." He approached Zavior and removed the bag, "Sorry about all that Zavior, do you want a drink or something for the bruises? We really do need your help for this, I get the feeling they asked about Lorel so I'll skip that until later. Would you help us? I will not lie but there will be consequences if you refuse now that you've seen our faces. I think Kain will agree right Kain?" Kain glanced over from the counter as he poured a glass of water, "I don't care as long as he doesn't tell any mages that he saw me."

The sounds of Lake Foel drenched the summer air of Asael's dream, his sense of sight seemingly gone leaving only subtle nuances of the fading memory to play in his mind as a familiar voice came alive, "so do you run off just to make my job harder, or do you do this to all you're bodygaurds?" Asael hearing his own inconvinienced voice.

"I just came here to think Asael" spoke the voice of a all too familiar girl, "so come up with any epiphanies' out here, ones that don't involve me tracking you down" commented Asael in a nonchalant tone, a light hearted grin certainly involved.

"Ever since the whole m-magic thing, I've just been thinking about what my life will be like, and I thought about how much I'll miss" spoke the Girl as Asael let out a sigh the waves of the lake growing ever louder.

"You'll be safer with the Academy, they'll save you from the persecution that this city thrives on, besides you won't be missing a thing" spoke Asael in a consoling tone, "but I'm not one of them, and the only person I trust to save me, the only thing I fear missing, is you" spoke the Girl, her voice filled with a soft affection, the waves growing ever louder.

There was no response from Asael feeling unworthy as an air of guilt weighed down on his sleeping heart as though it seeked to suppress the memorys of the girl who remained oblivious to it, "did you know my Father never danced with my Mother at their wedding, I need to know would you want to dance with me?" asked the Girl in a lively tone.

"Isn't it tradition to dance?" asked Asael in a rather lifeless tone as the waves went silent, the voices growing more distant the closer he came to a waking state, "I asked if you wanted to dance not if it was tradition?" replied the Girl in a disappointed tone.

The words echoed as the darkness slowly began to disappear her green eyes visible for but a second, "if you were my bride Brielle, yes" spoke Asael his mind fighting to break free to the waking world, "for you I would do anything, but I know you're dead" spoke Asael his mind free from the dream.

"You're dead, and it's my fault" spoke the Guilty Cynic as he sat up, scanning the dark confines of his bedroom before letting out a sigh as he stood up and took a few step before looking back at the bed, longing only to be alone and away from his burden.

However as he collected himself he heard faint footsteps the floor below, and he knew he would not be left alone tonight, whether for the better or as he expected, the worse.

Kurin hears the faint mumbles of conversation from the other side of the sturdy door, and knocks a tad harder this time, making sure it could be easily heard on the other side of the sturdy door.

"God damn these interruptions... you two weren't followed were you?" Damien asked, looking at the others before standing up and making a movement towards the door. He silently drew his blade, the blade glinting eerily in the dimly lit room.

"Who are you, and what do you want? I called for no one else to come to my room tonight, you have ten seconds to answer... one, two, three..." Damien started counting, going slowly so that the man could explain why he was there.

"I'll have some water..." Zavior said. "I might help you. It depends on what you want me to do. I still have morals you know."

Soon after they got acquainted they found an Inn, very different than previous ones they had stayed in. Since it was oriental style, it was three stories, and in the middle of the building, a bar, with no ground roofs. For a night and three people it coasted them 450 Kiel. Luckily Velen didn't leave without some money. So they had plenty, Lorel decided to walk around town. Velen even gave him some money if he wanted to buy anything.

Walking down the street, he watched over his shoulders constantly for a Mage Hunter, but at the same time tried to relax and enjoy him. Passing by the merchants shop, he noticed a strange one, its painted sign with the words "Magic Weaver", intrigued he walked in.

Instantly he was surrounded, clothes on all sides, oriental style. Walking down a red carpet he reached a woman, in long robes, with all sorts of swirls and stars on it. She had long black hair, with narrow eyes, with single red lines over her eyes.

She looked up at the visitor. Her eyes gleamed with joy; she was in her mid-thirties. Lorel decided to introduce himself. "I am Lorel Ion, do you make clothes here?"

"Yes, my name is Julia Tema, and I am a clothes weaver. I use my magic to make clothes, a good job, one in which I enjoy. I assume you wish to have some clothes made for you?" Julia arose and he robe spread out, she walked over, it dragging. Her face millimeters from his own. His face became red, she was beautiful.

"Yes!" he spoke in a loud voice. She laughed and then began to prepare. Suddenly a wave of magic, covered him, and her eyes glowed white. Now she knew all of his measurements. It's a spell she created, taking years to conjure and perfect. Then she asked a question he didn't know how to respond to. "What do you wish it to look like?"
"I have no idea..."

Once more she laughed. "I guess I will surprise you."

Turning around she went behind a curtain and began to work. He could see strings of magic flow out. Not realizing that with magic it would still take a bit, she told him in would take thirty minutes or so. So he went outside and found a nice outdoor restaurant that he walked up to and sat at the bar. Over the bar, he noticed food being cooked with magic. Not only was the Weaver a mage but even a cook.

The man wearing a white apron and hat turned and faced him. "What do you want?"

"Steak." He had just had it, the day previous but he loved steak.

As it cooked, quickly with magic, Lorel inquired. "I noticed, you, and the Weaver women, Julia are both mages. Aren't you afraid of being caught by Mage Hunters?"

"Nah. This District has many magic users, and while we aren't on the side of Upper District, we keep our own defenses. Though we're still a Middle Class District due to our lack of resources to feed everyone and various others things. It may not look like it but usually this place is deserted."

"Mages like you would be welcomed in Upper District, why stay here?"

His head turned slightly to Lorel but his body stayed facing the steak. "Simple, it's our home, we wish to help the men, women, and children of this district and raise it to Upper District without their help."

Similar to the man Adul, back in Rell, Lorel thought. After getting the steak and eating it, he walked back over to Magic Weaver. Where she was just finishing his outfit.

Marco untied Zavior and handed him his water, "Don't worry I won't have you do anything bad. My men are scattered all across the city on one task or another and Marne will be busy on a task my superior has set out for him. That leaves you and Kain and my boss specifically requested you two to do this. Kain raised a voice of objection, "Wait why me I just escaped the Upper District and I want to stay with my parents." Marco looked at Kain with a pained look, "Sorry Kain but Nier still wants to punish you a little for stealing those artifacts and causing all that trouble for him. While I work on finding Lorel you two will be checking out a mage who I don't know to much about nor do I trust at all. I don't want you to focus too much on him but he has attracted a rather large following of people after an incident at the Dragon's Tooth. My boss knows him but it's below his 'standards' to follow an assignment like this. You and Kain will find information about these people surrounding Damien Matthews." An Aurora member entered the room, "Marco sir the messenger arrived, the Steel Hearts have accepted your suggestion of a meeting." Marco faced his henchmen, "Thanks I'll be right out. I have to go guys I've brought some Upper District food if you want to stay tonight. I want you out for the Upper District tomorrow morning at the latest. Hell you can leave right now if you wish I'll let you decide. Tell Marne if you accept the assignment. He'll stay to keep watch on you two."
Marco left leaving just Marco, Kain, and Zavior. Kain broke the silence, "I'll make some dinner, Zavior what do you want?"

"Easy there, I'm just a man coming with some well-meaning business about your little tavern misadventures. My name is Kurin Stevans, you're a mage. I'm pretty sure if I wanted you dead I'd kill you in your sleep when you're decidedly less apt to throw fire at me, though not unlikely."

Kurin disguised his name without a hitch, no facial twitch, no emotional spike, no tone change. he said the very last few words in a friendly joking tone

"I'll take some whatever you have, maybe soup?" Zavior responded. He drank the water. "So we have to go to Upper District to find some mage and get info on him? As soon as we are done, you" Zavior motioned to Kain, "can report back and I'll stay in Upper District."

"That doesn't explain how you got in here. I only sent for two people tonight, any others should have been stopped by the guards outside." Damien said, putting away is blade, only to have fire spring to life in his right palm.

Damien didn't want to let this man in, but he knew it would be more of a hassle to leave him outside.

"Your 'guards' are about as observant as dead trees that get paid alot. toss a rock, walk the other way and their baffled. Listen, Mage, I'm not here to attack. My intentions are peaceful and mutually beneficial. Like I said, if I wanted you and that girl dead, one of you already would be. As for that kid, I try to avoid ever harming children, but he is far from the hardest target in the room, in fact I believe you are. And furthermore, if I were coming here for a fight or trouble, I'd be telling you none of this information, now can you let me in before someone else manages to befuddle your dead trees out there?"

Kurin doesn't sound irritated, but the friendliness in his tone is slightly reduced. He seems more.. disappointed in something? Only the very perceptive could notice the tone change.

"I'll see if I can up an appointment with Nier, A mage who privately funds this group. Marne how did Nier take up an interest in us?" Marne leaned back in his chair and recited the story as if he told it several times, "We performed a great heist and in the process placed false evidence at an official's home. He was hauled to the dungeons and Nier took his spot, he contacted us and said he would fund us if we did favors for him. This job of yours is a favor we're doing to him. He heard about Marco foolish endeavors of looking for people to help," Marne gestured at Zavior, "So he tipped us off." Kain sat up and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Kain wanted a reason to get out of this but so far nothing.


Marne still stared at Zavior, "You know that we're still going to need you after this right? We send a messenger telling you when, but at that time I'll make sure we have something less trivial then information gathering." Marne was losing faith in Marco due to recent events before this but getting some kid to help was idiotic. Marne sighed, got up and headed for the door, "I'm going for some air be back soon." Marne had a plan in mind.

"Normally, I would call for the 'dead trees' downstairs, but you humans never cease to amaze me. Our magics do not concern a human, so I suggest you leave before something bad happens." Damien said, turning away from the door and making his way back to the couch slowly. He knew that this man was reckless, that much he could tell from the way the man talked and from the way he acted.

"If it makes you feel better, I'm capable of magic, but unpracticed. My intentions were to ask with some help on that issue in exchange for some service I can offer. I saw your tavern encounter, and you seemed to have a solid grasp on your abilities, something I need more of in one of mine. So you have the advantage here, Magi. As much as I loathe to say this, I need teaching before I blow something up I didn't mean too, personal and mental control only does so much."

Kurin's tone is suddenly absolutely devoid of feeling, whatever friendliness was in his tone is gone, his mannerisms are gone as well, or at least any you could hear.

"Fine... come back later in the day, I'm dealing with something now." Damien said, sitting down on the couch, the flames in his right hand dying down. He would train the newcomer, but for now he needed to finish sorting out the matter at hand.

"Royal Blood... Odd." There was definitely a different tone in Kid's voice. More sinister, menacing. "And did that guy call me a child? I'm nineteen, despite my name..." He sighed. "I don't want any help controlling it, as you can see I'm doing perfectly fine without any help. If this eye mucks up again I'll just put that thing back on again, doubt I will lose control though. It seemed... Alive... I didn't know magic was alive..."

"Thank you Magi, and know I loathe having to come here as much as you loathe the idea of having me here, if I didn't absolutely need to get my abilities under control you would never have known I exist."

Kurin walked off. He was honest about loathing the idea of relying on the Magi for help, especially because he knew he'd have to make the Magi gain from it too or this would all go south for him. He knew of something the Magi might be interested in, and went off towards the alchemical store closest to the tower for a sample vial

"There are many different forms of magic, some Mage's can even create life with magic... to an extent of course. They can create an artificial life in the magic that they use. Your case is rather rare though, I've read about things like this, but I've never actually seen anyone with it." Damien said, leaning back and thinking to himself.

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