You have been transformed into your avatar.

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...a hikikomori with serious, serious issues?

Crap. This won't go over well.

I am an alternate version of my 5 year-old self from a children's book I wrote... Um... I'm not really sure I want to go through grade school again.

it's time for crimes against humanity

I'm a fast talking salarian with an IQ of a lot, able to set people on fire, freeze them or cause them extreme pain? SCORE!...O wait, I''m only good as the escort for survivors. DAMMIT!

Wow, I've turned into an anthropomorphic like thing with HUGE ears while carrying around a ring that has my best friend in it, and I can shoot wind at people. Also, Pac-Man is on my hat.


My life is complete.

Oh good I'm a pink bunny with no abilities whatsoever.Just gotta wander around and avoid monsters until it wears off

im old...... and ginger...... and im also the baddest mo fo ever :) its scrub stomping time!

shun goku satsu fools!

Must... Kill.... Chewbacca...

So... I'm a guy with a gas mask staring into the camera... huzzah?

I'm Brock Sampson. Awesome.

i turn into a hole-sign and am put next to a hole where people can kick other people into that deeeeeeeeeep pit

damn. being a sign sucks -.-"

So I'm cute, cuddly, lazy, enjoy to be petted and have serious separation issues whenever someone leaves the house for ten seconds.

I turned into a gundam with probably four other gundam buddy's i win case closed if you object you get the SUPA LAZOR

I'd just have to run, cower and pray that people will have mercy on the comic relief bad guy.

Hm. I'd be transformed into a slutty bisexual in a jester suit?

So the only real difference would be my outfit. Well, it's a cute outfit. So yeah, I totally have no problem with that.

Always nice to see a fellow Flipside fan. And it is indeed a cute outfit.

I turned into an inanimate object. Someone is going to drink me and throw me away! D: *sads*

Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-


I'm either Pedobear or someone who's shooting Pedobear.

I WILL SURVIVE THIS APOCAL...geez...It's hot under this mask...

I am now Holo the wise wolf.....ok.

cubchoo? awesome now all i need to do is evolve...

So, I turn into myself?

awesome I'm a turtle in a wheel chair who is a genius has bombs,dart gun and a freaking thruster pack that is awesome

Where the f**k is Yuyuko?


Oh, fine. I think that's a good thing. If I don't go insane from the separation anxiety. Although it'll probably be nearly impossible to even walk down a street any more...Probably have to become a shut-in.

I'm an xbox live avatar! I'm also a ghostbuster!

Pretty cool, I guess.

I'm Blind! My life as I know it is over.

I'm Blind! My life as I know it is over.

Hey, least you have 1/5 chances to be picked up by Hisao.

Me on the other hand I have many girls that will I will pick up, but I already I know what one I would choose.

Nagisa. :3

and one really stupid friend, but hey, I already had a stupid friend.

I could think of worse ways to go than death by squirrel in a bar fight.

Getting transformed in to my Geoff Peterson avatar makes me happy... in my pants!

Necro thread O.O

OT: Fuck yeah.......

So I turn into a hedgehog? Youtube, here I come.

I really really hope everyone at the office ate today.

I wouldn't last long as a pie

Well, I become pretty bad ass.

So I'm Jeanette now?

Actually... imokaywiththis.png

Hmmm, awesome. I am now the Wise Wolf. :D

I must go find some evil and totally jack the math out of it.



...Hrur....Raaha! RRIIIIIAAAAAARRRRR!! [pounce]

<munch munch>



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