You have been transformed into your avatar.

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*flies through the sky blissfully*

*Happily skips across the fields with a lolipop*

Time for me to get my shadow back from Gecko Moria!

Time for me to...oh wait, I have nothing to do! *continues to fly blissfully through the sky*

I'm two people now. We are opposite genders and both work for a secular humanist group. Well our lives just became very interesting.

Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum...And I'm all outa gum.

Mmph mmph mmph mmph.


*Flying through the sky* I see everyone is having fun! Me? I'm just HAPPY!

I'm an inane dumb-ass, great.

Ahh! Another blue cat! Excellent! I was beginning to feel like I was the only blue cat around here *sigh of relief*

Bring me my violin and some girls who I may ask if I can see their panties.
Ladies and gentleman, the Gentleman Skeleton: Brook.

Mmmph Mmmph!!!

@scorptatious, Well said chum! *flies off*

*flies too*

*Continues flying*

*air drag races*

Now for some fish! *consumes fish*

*starts playing violin, then switches to guitar*

Heropon Riki here! Time to dance dance dance!


laughs at you

*joins EvilSmurf with the laughing*

I have been transformed INTO ME!



Psssuuuupisuuu? Ssssuuurrruuuii? -splutter-

(I'm Headsprouter, now? Wat do?)

It seems that at the very least, I have come into the stewardship of a great lady.

Yay, this thread is back!

OT: I am now going to eat some fish! *goes to fish restaurant*

It is time FOR SCIENCE! If um, that's okay with you.

Yay I get to live more. -.-

I get to make witty remarks on peoples feelings towards each other.


*plays in forest* Betcha can't stahp me from taking a whiz on yo trees!

'Saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink Moon gonna get ye all'

Pink Moon's gonna get you Tizzy. That'll learn ya fer desecratin' mah sacred forest!

Pink moon huh?

*maximum speeds away*

0_0 Well shit...

I haven't played Majora's Mask

*drops out of the ceiling, hanging limp like a plastic bag caught on a tree during a windy day*

End of sugar rush.

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