Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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A cat that walks across his owner's keyboard.

A squishy alien fiend.

Master Squishy! o:


General Tso.

Sergeant Yakov Pavlov.

Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster! (there is actually someone with that name, and he was in the army during the Iraq War.)

The lowly castle poopsmith who dreams of fame and fortune.

Victor von Steelson

A secret Spaniard.

The kind of person who tells his friends about personality tests they've taken and where they fit in the group dynamic

The one who went the distance.

above guy looks like Some soldier

Wait, weren't you in Rise Of The Triad?

A street toughguy.

A conflicted cannibal.

a celtic warrior.

Hank Hill.

Bob Knight.

Sandy Ravage's sister, Mandy.

Buzzfeed "journalist"

A Minecraft griefer.

A dank reefer

A leek eater.

Seldom Tweeter.

Often Pooter.

Ace pilot Tom Kazanski.

Sometimes Cranky.

Bob Schnellen

An ancient mariner.

a greek philosopher.

A portion farmer on Jakku.

It's an exciting life.

a quartermaster.

Battleship champion of 2004.

Brilliant astrophysicist and secret vigilante Dr. Vincent Van Steel.

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