Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Is Sarah Palin.

Is Sarah Palin's daughter...<.<

Is a model student.

is a slanderer...

Is a human centipede...

Is ShockValue...

Is Kuliani deep undercover.

Is someone deep under Kuliani...<.<

Is engaged to Amy Winehouse.

Is little Wayne's stunt double...<.<

Is, the president of my tennis club...... Who refuses to teach me their secrets.

Is the person in my sub-basement, sending all the spiders to kill me.

Actually the leader of the USSR in an alternate universe.

He owns a pet shop where all the animals run rampant.

He is actualy a priestess in a tibetan mountaintop temple with great internet connection.

Last of the Chinchillas:
Actually the leader of the USSR in an alternate universe.


OT: xmbts is the one who rigs up illegal cable everywhere.



ತ_ತ ?

Grandpa, what are you doing out of the basement?

He is the one who knows too much about my secret life...

He is the one who tells me too little about his secret life.

Doesn't he work at a Volvic plant?

the guy above me has made an evil plan to take over...... Madagascar. Nice job man, baby steps first I guess?

Just an average Gorillaz fan. Most likely named Joe.

The one who follows me in the night, sending forth ninjas to kill me...

*shakes fist*

I know who you work for!

*flees into secret fortress*

I know he knows nothing of who I work for, he's just an insane guy operating out of a refrigerator box.

I know they follow me around!

*moves box to different parking lot*

The Prime Minister of Canada.

Attends classes at La Sorbonne.

Is not really a doctor.

Is a cealocanth.

The replacement for your taxi driver, ready with your complementary knife stab.

A concierge at a hotel.

Why do I get the impression this person is an attorney from Scarbourough?

I think he rides a motorcycle.

The ghost of Richard Nixon.

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