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Bicycle, because I can practice some sweet tricks.

White or dark rum?


Beer or gin?


Chicken burger or beef burger?

beef! glorious beef! suck it bacon

to the moon or to the center of the earth?

The moon.

Steampunk or Cyberpunk?


Feed yourself or feed your friends?

Myself, I like food!

Books or movies?

Books because I can take them anywhere and imagination and stuff.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla, but I really like both.

Go to the cinema or watch the movie at home later?

Home. Screw the cinema. Its over priced and you can't pause it when you gotta go do something.

Crying baby behind you or kid kicking your chair constantly on a plane ride?

Crying baby. I can at least drown that out. (and there always seems to be at least one baby [which will always cry] on every plane ride I have been on)

Shot in the foot, or shot in the hand? (In this instance, you will live either way)

Foot. I can still play the trumpet that way.

Greek food or Japanese food?

I've not had Japanese food I guess.

Write a poem or write a short story?

Poem. Poems can be stories too.

Writing or drawing?

Drawing, but I like both.

Money, power or love?


Straight or curly hair?


Long or short hair?


Blue or purple hair?

Purple I know a person who has had both and she looked weirder with blue.

Funny logo shirts or just a normal one?

Funny logo, big fan of novelty shirts.

Break dancing or salsa dancing?

Break dancing

Taking your time or rushing it?

Take your time mon.

Which is more annoying Hearing a mosquito or smelling a fart?

Hearing a mosquito

You're in a horror/ scary movie enviorment (monster, alien, super natural you name it) but in a group of friends exploring the place much to your dismay.

Are you in front (likely to fall into a trap or be the meat shield) or behind (likely to get grab behind and silently drag off before getting to yell) the group?

I'm the cocky one in the front, not taking it seriously and saying "what could possibly happen?"

Would you rather clean the shower, or wash the dishes?

Wash the dishes.

Eat a spider or step on a rusty nail?

Eat a spider.

Bitten by a spider or by a centipede?

Spider. Maybe I'll get super powers?

Darkness falls or darkness rises?

Darkness falls,

Twilight or Dusk?

Dusk. I like me some dusk.

Chicken or turkey?


The afterlife or reincarnation?


Touch screens or keys???




Gmod or Source Film Maker?

Source Film Maker

Stand by your belief against the crowd who are has oppersite opinion to you (just just happen to be in the wrong crowd) or toss your belief aside to appease them?


Flu or allergic reaction?

Flu. Man flu is a real thing!

Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr or That guy from the modern Tv one?

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