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Benedict Cumberbach, by a mile!

Girly-est drink, Chandy or Appletini?

Appletini. Though Chandys are pretty girly.
I once asked for a Dark beer with a dash of pale in a pub and the bartender misheard and gave me a chandy of old. Disgusting!

With sugar or without. (Hard hitting stuff here)

With sugar

Sweet corns or peas?

Corn is amazing.

Nightstalker horde or Cazador horde?

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.......and both of the things you just listed.

Lara Croft or Nathan Drake?

Nathan Drake.

Forget or remember your dreams?

Remember. I usually do, and its awesome.

Strange dreams or regular ones?

Strange. Gives me something to look forward to before going to sleep, and they usually make for some good stories to tell.

Sly Cooper or Solid Snake?

Sly Cooper, because I don't know much about him.

Strange events occurring around you or weird things happening to you directly?

Strange events around me.

Always being an observer or always being in the thick of it?

Always being an observer

Would you commit a negative action under the excuse of "the end justifies the means" or not?

Well it is the way I play Fallout.
But yes I would.

Is life what you make it or do you believe that some fates are inescapable?
If that question was too deep.
Puppies or Kittens?

Some fates are inescapable, loike e.g. I will died at some point in time.

Would you want immortality or stay being a mortal?

I'd like to stay mortal. I wouldn't say no to an extended lifespan, but I'd prefer it to be finite. Sure, being immortal might be cool for a while, maybe even as long as a millenium, if I'm lucky. But eventually, ennui will set in, and I'll have to go through the rest of eternity hating life . . . either that, or I just wait until I go insane enough to enjoy it again.

Rand al'Thor (from The Wheel of Time) vs. Harry Potter?

Never read Wheel of Time, so I can't pass judgement. But if he's not like Harry Potter, I vote for him.

Chess vs. checkers. Discuss.

Checkers. More accessible for children and amazing to play while inebriated.

Swiss Army Knife or Bowie knife.

Swiss Army Knife

Chjeese cake or normal cake?

Cheese cake.

Cake or pie?


Berries or fruits?

Uh.... I'll take berries. Lots and lots of berries.

Windows or an open wall?


Finished basement or no basement?

No basement (alot of creepy crawly lived down there).

Who would you want as your partner if you're a cop? A useless comical wisecrack or a loose cannon who break the rules alot?

Useless guy. Less paperwork that way.

Desk job or dangerous field job?

Desk job. I feel more comfortable with computers. >>;

Scapegoat or snitch?

Snitch. I've been the Scapegoat nearly every time. I want to be something different for once.

Parent of a bully or a kid who's being bullied?

I'd rather have my face punched every day than raise my kid to punch other kids every day

Technological genius or Grand mage?

Grand Mage. Magic is more exotic!

Being locked out or being locked in?

Locked out because breaking in is more fun that trying to escape.

Bioshock or Dishonored?

Dishonored because stealth is fun.

Cats or Dogs.


Waffles or Eggs?


This thread or the "This or That" thread?

This one. GeorgW always used to quote his answers and I have fond memories of that.

Bread toasted or in its natural state?

Natural state

Far cry or bioshock?


The 80's or the 90's?


Cold hands or cold feet?

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