Rate the song above you!

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8/10 I don't usually like that type of music but I'm digging that bass riff.
These guys might be worth checking out

4/10 I just didn't like it...

5/10 I liked small parts of it but overall I wasn't a fan.

Only just heard it recently on Desert Bus, but I quite like it already.

It was really cool then it became cringing at 0:54 but it got a bit better later on. 6/10

5/10 Pretty average, and it got a little wubby at the end...


Now here is da best song evar :3

8/10 Awesomeness.

8/10 Awesomeness.

7/10 Nice to listen to but nothing memorable.

10/10. Brilliant song.

I've always like RHCP, but this song just isn't as interesting as some of their other tunes.

9/10 I loved every thing but the singer. (That would be a great instrumental band.)

8/10 The song and music video were fairly enjoyable...


One I have on my very computer... >.>

10/10 Rush is one of the few western bands I really love...

I'm spending time listening to all the albums for now.

OT: 7.5/10

Has a good feel to it! :D

6/10 I'm just not much of a Judas Priest fan...

Enjoyable to listen to it might grow on me.

You're welcome.

?/10 I'm not sure if I liked that or not.


I liked the way the instruments sounded, but the voice.......ugh.

It's ok, reminds me of a city in the evening.

7/10. Very haunting.

6.5/10 That was very... 80s...


I like it ok!

9/10. Loved the guitar and the beat.

4/10 Nothing I would ever listen to...

Metal and pop'ish' I don't know about that one.

It's ok, but not my sort of music. 5/10

8/10 Quite good, kind of sounds like something out of a 90's anime.

Wasn't anything special for me. A nice song though, just not great.

<3 Floyd. But as far as this song goes, I think it's averagely listenable Floyd.

One I post all over the place. Might as well do it here. >.<

10/10, love classical music.


10/10 he was a great musician.
Dam I think I'm on a Mingus kick again.

7/10, catchy and the singing was good.

7/10 I'm not much of a metal fan but this one I can listen to. The lyrics are much clearer than other metal songs.

It didn't offend me, but meh...

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