Rate the song above you!

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7/10. That was pretty good all around, especially the verses.

Holy shit..That was absolutely batshit insane...Despite not really being able to actually sing very well, I'm really loving what I'm hearing :D 8/10


Here's mine ^_^

I don't usually listen to this syle of music, but that was... entertaining.

7/10 Smooth and stylish. Loved the call and response bits throughout as well.

I'm really not a fan of J-pop, but I actually enjoyed that ^_^ It had good feeling 6.5/10

Here's mine

8/10 That was really relaxing... reminded me of Radiohead.

8/10. I've never listened to KMFDM, but I dug it. Nice drumming and the southern guitar in the beginning was awesome.

How about some southern metal?


Good guitarwork....and that's about it. I'm listening to the song for the third time now and it's just...boring. Not that it doesn't have power or some good moments but it ultimately lacks any kind of consequence for me.

How about some Japanese nu-metal that reminds me far too much of SOAD?

8/10 Loved this track when I stumbled upon it a while back. Reminds me that I need to listen to more of MaxTheHoromone.

7.5/10 Sweet bass riff from a good band. I don't listen to nearly as much The Strokes as I should, thanks for reminding me to do so.

Nice, but there's nothing quite standing about it, in my opinion.

As a fellow Muse enthusiast, I say FUCK YES 9/10

Here you go ^_^

Awesome piano intro, awesome riffs, but they get boring after 3 minutes, then it gets repetitive for me.

6/10. Okay, but just not my coup of tea. Music seemed to be rather samey for me.

10/10, that's my favorite Pink Floyd song.

3/10. This was completely nondescript until the screaming and the metal guitars kicked in, and then I became displeased.

7/10 I didn't mind it, but it just sounded like he was mumbling to me, though I liked the low production old MTV style video.

7/10 actually quite good... very catchy and I loved the vintage almost surf style riffing at points... I have a feeling that if I understood it I might not like the lyrics, but whatever... I like what was there...

I think I might've posted this one already but I unno...


Don't know if you posted that before neither...but reposting it was for all I care a good thing: this one is really enjoyable - immediately improved my mood and has some real enjoyable parts in it. Is a bit too long for it's runtime, though: for me it simply lacks in material after the second minute which keeps it from a higher score.

How about electronica with swing elements?


I'm no music critic, but I did enjoy that one. =P

8/10. That was actually really good.

7/10. Good stuff. Good dynamics and a solid chorus.

I really enjoyed that, it was some good fun, it wasn't anything too special, but it fits nicely with the kind of stuff I like to listen to ^_^ 7/10

Goddamn, the guitar in the background of this song is just heart-stoppingly awesome

That was very nice to listen to ^^

That was good! I enjoyed it.

ooo, that was actually really good ^_^ I wasn't really a fan of the main chant, but I really liked everything else about it


Hope you enjoy :D

Good... enough.

Really loved a lot about this song. The massive buildup, solid vocals and instrumentation throughout. Definitely putting this on repeat for a little while.

7/10, it wasn't bad, but the production was kind of crap.

Not my coup of tea, yet again. 5/10 for trying.

Enjoy. Have some fun and be patient.

EDIT: 6/10 It was OK, I enjoyed it, but I can't remember much about it and I'm sure as hell not going to re-listen to it, it did sound more like somebody uploaded an album than an actual long song though.

I've kinda been feeling like this all day

First translation I could find, I'm too lazy to translate it myself.

6.5/10 Heh, that was weirdly nostalgic... reminded me of Third Eye Blind for some reason...o3o



Aye, that's Pink Floyd. Because of GEMA I'm not allowed to listen to Part IX, so I'll restrict myself to the first VIII that I can listen to since I got that one as an mp3...anyway, a song that would have been far better if it was like 5 to 10 minutes shorter. It takes far too long to get to the interesting parts and a lot of it remains an ultimately inconsequential set of different soli. Albeit a very cool set, I have to admit. Still, Echoes does a much better job in keeping me interested throughout the song.

Since we already had some overly long songs, how about I'll post another one of mine?

One album = a single fifty minute long song...that's how progressive should be :)

SO I HEARD YOU LIKE LONG SONGS? 9/10 by the way. good 50 minutes there.

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