Recent studies

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recent studies show that shorts are comfy and cool!

Recent studies show that air conditioners are awesome when it's hot outside.

Recent studies show that humanity doesn't give a hoot about monkeys. D:

Recent studies show imaginary friends are imaginary.

Recent studies show that cheaper isnt better.

Studies show that being a little shit is called a behavioral disorder.

recent studies show that spiderman does not give a fuck

Recent studies show that the sentence after this one will abruptly end.
Personally, I think it's just another lie told by the media to-

Recent studies show that studies happened recently

Recent studies show that the average cheeseburger has 360 calories.

Recent studies show that Microsfot may be behind the cheeseburgers. @[email protected]

Recent studies show Tizzy is gorgeous! (Who can blame them, studies don't lie)

Recent studies show that Para is stupendously handsome.

recent studies show that alcohol is best drunk with friends

Studies show that Evil Smurf is correct!


Recent studies show that swag is for boys, class is for men.

Recent studies have shown that we aren't microbes.

Recent studies have shows that YOLO clearly stands for You Obviously Love Oreos.

Recent studies have shown that Christopher Lloyd is very awesome.

recent studies show that, If I shut my eyes my eyes are shut

Recent studies show that class is determined by the way you look at a person.

Recent studies indicate that the more you steal from banks, the better your resume looks.

Recent studies indicate that resumes are hilarious!

Recent studies have shown that this is the internet.

Recent studies indicate that I like baloney sandwiches.

Recent studies indicate that water is wet.

Recent studies show that I pwn noobs

Recent studies have shown that XBOX live is full of kids.

Studies have shown that water is wet.

Recent studies indicate that fish live in water.

Studies show that the sky is blue.

Studies show that sometimes your friends are... random!

Recent studies indicate that babies do not know how to talk.

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