If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Overpuce, what is your preferred age for boyfriends?

It was laggy. I had no choice but to unleash the kraken.

He sneaked into my room last night???


Hey, mind if I gouge your eyes out??

B sharp.

Can I shave his eyebrows??

Windows Vista.

What's the best operating system for hunting Moose?

Those small lights in the corner of you eye.

How do you know I feel like crying??

Not in this lifetime!!

Can you get me a beer?

Nah! no plans tonight.

Doing anything?? Want to come over and help me destroy the universe??

Maybe next Wednesday, we'll see.

When should I throw this off milk out??

Two lovely hats.

I've lost all my clothes, how will I cover up when I go out in public???

Retro, it's all retro.

What happened after you hit him????

Just don't touch anything...

when did you last propose to someone? You drank so much!

Violin strings, they always work!

I was really drunk last night, how did I break up with her again???

That's what she said....

Hey are you that escaped mental patient?

No just no....

What did Tony Stark say when arriving in the hotel laundry room after misunderstanding an advert asking for an "Iron Man"?

A large pineapple and 3 sausage rolls.

What should you never bring to bed with your significant other??

A broken radio.

What is something you never want to have in a stealth bomber?

A baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire.

What did she want to bring to bed????

Local heroes.

What should we throw into this wood chipper?

Food. Gloucester food.

What you you mean your name is weird, what is it?

Unlimited camera mixed with caramel, you lucky jammy roger.

What do you want to give me???

My hair isn't that soft.

what effect did the magnet have on the robot???

A mean panda bear

Why did you sacrifice your first born son???

Portuguese, if I had to guess.

What happended to that T-virus laced cake?

Maybe a can of juice.

Alright, so that's sugar, napalm, vegetable oil, propane, liquid hydrogen, water, seawater, the blood of a virgin and, no, this can't be right, a three course stake dinner. Did you put anything else stupid in your petrol tank?

The High and Omniscent Council of Slash Fic Wrighting Perverts

What is Erin Stout's secret fetish?

Hidden Xtra Jigsaws...

what is my nightmare?

Goddamn ants! Some one tell me how to get rid of them?

A scotsman, Winston Churchill, and the entire Australian House of Commons.

How the fuck do magnets work?

Leeds Central.

So if I take a left, then a right and then run around like a madman where am I?

Stop and think.

What should I do while running for my life from a lion??

Just not enough teaspoons for my liking.

What the hell is wrong with THIS robot butler? W've been through twenty!

Dr Steel, Dr Insano, the GOC and Dr. Alto Clef

Did... Did I stump everyone?

How can you prefer living with your mother over a smelly, dirty hobo who killed your mother!?

(I would have made a Yo Mama joke, but I feel that they're just tacky)


What were her weirdest fetishes???

Toenails are tasty dammit!!!

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