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After a night of 151 shots and playing Trials Evolution.

What PBS show do you love the most?

When I watched PBS my favorite show was Dr. Who with Tom Baker. THE TRUE DOCTOR WHO!!! Wa-hooooo!


Sorry. :)

Do you have mosquitos swarming where you live, right now?

No, just annoying ass flies.

If someone makes a Bear pun how many would it take before you could no longer bear it. Or would you just continue to panda(r) to him?

*head explodes*

Have you ever been camping, old chap?

Only in a garden. I can't sleep on anything besides a bed because of problems with my spine/joints.

Ever pricked yourself on a rose?

No. I'm too manly to get defeated by a rose.

Have you ever been so manly that the Anti-Manly League came after you.

Yup, all the time *flexes*

Do you think that life is a guy writing a book and forgetting something is the writer backspacing?

I don't understand that question and I will not respond to it.

Would you want something my thumb has touched?

Only if said thing is made of fire.

IS the helicopter made of chocolate?

Sadly, no. Dammit, Nick!

What is yo favourite eye colour?


What's your favorite hair color?


What is your favorite air color?

Air colour? Umm, colourless. Or if we're talking in terms of atmosphere, that nice sunset-purple.

Do you have a Yellow Pages at home?

I do not! I actually can't remember the last time we had one in the house. o.o

Are you naturally curious?

Why do you ask? Are you trying to profile me? Why? WHY? WHY?!?

Are you paranoid, much?

Nah, I'm not important enough to be monitored or anything.

Do you like Mario?


What question should I ask next?

You should ask the following:

Do you like your bacon crispified or just done and no more?

Just done because I like it chewable rather than burnt to a crisp.

How do you like your steak cooked?

I hate steak, eww. In the bin or in the dog!

Have you ever dyed your hair? (if yes, what colour? if no, would you?) few cheeky extra questions.

Nope, N/A, and No, respectively. I have no care whatsoever about how I look.

How many cats and/or dogs so you have?

2 dogs. Despite liking cats much more. Woe is to the parasitic life of a teenager.

Actually likes their pets.

Is that a question? Uhh, I'm gonna go with true. Yes, the answer is true.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

All of the pizza. A local place does one with pepperoni and Stornoway black pudding. It is a thing of wonder.

Have you tried/would you try black pudding?

Tried it, don't like it, prefer white pudding.

OMG, I'm so intolerant!

Have you tried poached egg?

I have, I like it. I even have an egg poacher!

What country do you think has the best food?


What would you ask for in your last meal?

A pardon from the Governor.

How many seconds or minutes did you put into deciding on your Escapist user name?

Very few - I use it for a lot of things.

Is there a food you dislike that you wish you liked?

Onion, since it is on fucking everything -_-

How old is too old for dating?

If all of the fooling around in my late grandmother's nursing home was any example it's never to late to date.

Picture this: Hundreds of frail and wrinkled, little old men and women sneaking into each other's rooms to do the nasty. What is your reaction to that mental image?

Oh, um... Bless them. They still got it!

What position would you play on a quidditch team?

Beater or chaser, but my lack of depth perception means I'd be useless at either of them and would probably die as soon as I first tried flying.

Do you think it worth it to keep Giant Pandas alive?

Absolutely. I'm big on preventing extinction in the cuter animals of the world (tigers included).

Do you think that America peaked somewhere in the past and is doomed to decay like other great nations and "empires" have throughout history?

Nah, it's all joined to gether so it's easier to keep together. If that makes any sense.

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

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