Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Spaghetti and meatballs. My Mom made the best but she's now super sensitive to anything spicy so we don't have it anymore. :(

Have you been experiencing a drought where you live?

Drought in Ireland? Are you CRAZY?

Are you tall?

Is 6'4" tall?

Yes or no?

'Bout a foot above me.

Do you know many tropes by name?

I don't think so, I know some but I wouldn't say many.

What trope do you fit so perfectly that it makes you feel like a generic character?

I think I may just fall into the category of being a Badass Bookworm That could be wishful thinking on my part, though, mind you. ^_^

Do you prefer Samurai or Ninja?

Ooh tough call. Samurai.

Have you ever had the desire to jump out of a plane or off a cliff?


Ideal place to live?

A private island, no neighbours to annoy me and surrounded by sea ^_^

What do you do when someone's being annoying?

Get torn between telling them to stop being annoying, leave their presence and just retreat to my happy place.

What do you do when you realise you are being annoying?

Shut up and get depressed over it.

Ever felt that you directly contributed to worsening a place you like to frequent?

I would if I frequented any place, wait... I frequent here...

Do I make this place worse?!

You make it more interesing.

Best Pokémon move?

Ice Beam

Favourite TV Show?

Not that I'm aware of. You seem like a nice person.

How do you choose your badge order?

I try to present something that could be interpreted as a story or progression.

Can you interpret the story/progression of my current badge order?

you were ugly got drunk had a kid got drunk again and saw that you had a beautiful wife.

How evil do you think I am based on my badges?

Caramel Frappe:

You sound like a mastermind of being evil... I mean a godly illusionist? An assassin who's cold enough to kill monks and dances with the devil in the moonlight? If that isn't the definition of evil, I do not know what is lol.

Question: If you had to go rescue Princess Peach, thus have rescued her.. what would you say to the princess?

Quote me if you answer my post please.

Would ask if she gets off at being captured and all the other questions on this vid

Question: When will Ryan finish his lets play of katawa shoujo?

Never, otherwise he would lose his power.

What super power do you want?

Caramel Frappe:

Question: What's your Avatar? It... interests me so.

It's what a Dalek really looks like underneath the metal shell. The gifs quality is bad because it was my first attempt at making one.

What is the hypest shit?

Find a way to get the hell out of it.

Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer games?

The time I find out the answer to that is the time I decide I'll have children.

What makes a family work?

Good, well written characters. Thought out story lines, characters you can empathise with and imagine wanting to know in real life. Nice scenery and design and a good soundtrack. Also good voice actors.

Do YOU have a crush on an Escapist user? ;)

No of course not

What is your greatest desire?

To become something other then what I am currently. One of those things is a Spirit of Winter.

What is good philosophy for life?

Everything sucks and all you should ever do is lay on the floor wallowing in self pity ^__^

Which is your favourite James Bond intro song?
If you want you can tell me your favourite version of the theme too..

Aside from the classic "Dum-dum-diddy-dum-dum" etc? I'm guessing you mean "theme song" in which case I'd say "Live and Let Die".

P.S. Most James Bond movie theme songs suck. *shudders*

Unless humanity manages very successful off world colonizations (even the moon will do though exoplanets would be better) it will eventually be exterminated by asteroids or a mega-volcano or the sun simply growing hotter and our planet dying from the heat (because of which Terran life won't last long enough to be engulfed by the sun when it turns into a red dwarf).

How do you think humanity will eventually be exterminated?

Well by the Titans of course

What makes a great villain?

An actual backstory and reason for his villainy. Power and awesome weapons and a good actor/voice actor.

Do you do anything for charity?

I'm going to show what an evil cunt I am and ask WHY SHOULD I!?

The next poster can enjoy mainstream radio.

Can't stand it really, they always play crap music

What is your favourite kind of music?

Progressive Rock.

What is your least favourite kind of music?

Country, though I love specific, individual songs.

My family lived in Galveston/Houston but the majority of our kin lived in north Alabama and time and time again we'd go on vacations to visit them which necessitated 10-12 hour road trips during which (this was the '80's) we'd find ourselves compulsively singing Willy Nelson's "On The Road Again" time after time after time....

*shudders like a 10,000 year old mummy*

It wasn't until the early 20th century that "Pink" meant girls and "Blue" meant boys. Do you wish that color scheme was reversed or avoided all together?

It shouldn't be reversed but it shouldn't be frowned upon to not stick to it.
Just let kids like what they want. I used to have adults tell me I couldn't put my Barbie in my Batmobile when I would do it. Surprised they bought me a Batmobile at all :s

What's your bedtime routine? (shower, read, brush teeth etc)

After brushing teeth I just stare at the wall until I get to sleep (approx. 2 hours afterwards). Anything else is just too distracting. Even if I fall asleep there's a decent chance I get a nightmare and wake up sometime afterwards, which leaves me sleepless for the rest of the night.

Do you believe in any particular political ideology?

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