Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Like sex? Never (so far)

Is it considered advertising if I told people that I make riffs?

Yes and No, it's advertising only if people take offence to it.

Are the Darwin Awards as hilarious as I think they are?

Yes, they show stupid people doing stupid things

What's Shakespeare's greatest play?

It's certainly not the one with the two young kids in a week long relationship ending in a double suicide.

Am I the only one who remembers Boston Legal and thinks it's an amazing show?

No, but I found it out of character for Kirk not to hook up with any green alien chicks.

Will you go Trick or Treating tonight?


If the equation -x^2 + 2(k+2)x - 9k = 0 has two imaginary roots, what are the values of k?


What is the square root of ice cream?


How much candy did I get on Halloween night?

Too much for your waistline's good.

Will you forget Daylight Saving's Time?

Yeah, But luckily My iPhone Wont!
Favourite Planet?

Pluto (Fak u, it r a planit!)

How many saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

2; 1 to screw it in and the other to go Super Saiyan to illuminate the room until the lighbulb is screwed in

What shall my next avatar be of?

A Human head on a Taco body.

Why is 'gel electrophoresis' important for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing in criminal cases?

It separates proteins at a molecular level allowing the tester to differentiate between different phenotypes which can be backtracked to the genetic differences, thus allowing investigators to identify individuals' identities from bio-samples taken both from field evidence and clinically.

Or something like that. Haven't done lab work in years and years.

Is my head hurting now?

Not yet! *smacks* Now it is!

Did CopperZen get the Avatar I sent him?

Yes! Thank you!

Will Tizzy's feelings be hurt if I don't load it right now? I got this one by accident and I'm afraid to change it because I might not be able to get it back.

Probably, I mean he went through all that trouble and you won't even use it.

Who's your favourite Power Ranger?

The Feel Ranger, because CopperZen isn't using the avatar I sent him...

Who's ya daddy?

You are. I'm using it!

Do you forgive me, Tizzy?

Yes...yes I do!

Who let da dogs out?


Does anyone want to friend a complete stranger?[1]

[1] The avatar didn't upload. My Dark Bunny's jealous, I think.

No. My Mommy and Daddy always told me not to talk to strangers.

Is it cold where you're living?

Is AC3 actually good?

I've seen some footage and it looks enjoyable

Why do people always want to eat me?

Because tacos are some of the most tasty things known to mankind.

Why is it so cold here?

Because you aren't wearing enough clothes.

Why does my back hurt?

Because invisible fairies punch your back until it throbs with pain

Want to know how I got these scars?

From constantly being eaten & changing your aperance?
What was the best console?



Yes, obviously.

Who's your favourite character from anything ever?
EXTRA QUESTION: Do you think Google Chrome not recognizing British English words is blasphemous?


My favorite character is Rabbit Friend Willow. He's a character from a fantasy Steampunk novel I'm writing. He's an Ageless (someone who doesn't age past their physical prime and lives until they die of sickness/violence/accidents, etc) who has a normal memory, so he doesn't remember names or details from more than a century ago unless he wrote it down in one of his journals (and read it recently). He tends to have old (Ageless) enemies show up and yell: "Do you remember when I SWORE TO KILL YOU?!?" to which he'd reply: "Uh, no. Who are you, anyway?"

EXTRA: Absolutely!!! Unfortunately for any resident Limeys my name (as you'll see if you check my profile) is Lucifer. GO GOOGLE CHROME!!!

Why are my feet hurting?

[1] "Yes, obviously.?!? What did he/she say?!?!?!?!

Because you keep using them; sit down every once and a while!

Can I have a hug?

Yes *hugs*

Can I have your soul?

Meh, I don't need it. Sure!

Do you think it'll be possible, at one point in time, to meet face-to-face?

Of course! We have to meet up face to face one day! You need to eat Taco Fries!!

Do you all?

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