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Finnish my last beer, brush teeth, Lament brushing teeth before making a cup of tea, walk to bedroom and sleep.

Ever buy a comic book?

Only one and it was from a friend

What was the first videogame you ever played?

Ms. Pac Man.

What was the last video game you played?

Crusader Kings II. After conquering the British Isles as Ivar the Boneless I'm now working on getting myself some land in France.

Which is your favourite type of game?

RPG, JRPG to be more precise.

What is your favorite food?

A medium rare steak...Mmmmmm....yes, I am a carnivore.

How do you like your steak cooked?

same as you I think never really paid much attention.

What was the evilest thing you have done in a video game?

Let's see.. I've nuked a town of innocents, run-down civilians by the truckload, split up families by denying entry to the mother and thus dooming her to death in her war-torn country, fired a mortar of [REDACTED] at [REDACTED] and starved entire cities of food. Possibly taking the evil biscuit is Spore and using terraforming tools to mess with a planet's atmosphere, turning a well-populated, lush planet into an airless, frozen, barren, dead rock.

What's the nicest thing you've done in a video game?

Probably one of those thousands of times I saved the world/universe/time&space, you know, that's pretty nice of me.

What alignment do you normally play?

Depending on what character I make, Neutral good, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral. Very few games have well-made evil choices.

Favourite game that you get to play as a bad guy?

Dragon Age: Origins. I didn't enjoy playing as the bad guy because I'm too much of a goody two-shoes IRL but I wanted those achievements soooooo much! :)

Do you prefer playing games as the bad guy or the good guy?

Generally the good guy as so many games give restricted, cartoonish binary depictions of "bad" rather than allowing the option of playing the long-game malevolence. The whole Mother Teresa/baby eating thing.

Would you eat a baby for any sum of money?

Not a baby human no.

Where's a good place to get a meal in your town?

(19 000 baby!)

(Gratz my friend, it has been quite a journey for you)

The local hotel, it sells homemade meals at pretty decent cost and it is quite good.

How do you eat your cookie?

one bite at a time.

what would you say to a man who yelled "Fraggle!"

Nothing since I'd just figure he had a child who watched Fraggle Rock and ended up having to watch the show with his kid(s) like all parents do (my brother in law can quote most contemporary kids' shows word for word these days, the poor guy).

Did you ever go through a period in you life where you didn't watch TV for a long time?

Yes, there is Internet now and my schedule is very erratic, so it's really hard to follow any shows, I've got no use for it.

What is your favourite fictional alien race?

The Overlords from Childhood's End. Saying more would be a spoiler.

Any games you wanna buy?

Payday 2, but I got no money...and I'm a little discouraged because there's already 4 people who own it in my group of 5 friends (including myself) who own this 4-player game, so I'm not sure if there's any point. It sucks being late to the party.

Got a word you hate hearing?

I hate hearing the word "cis", because it's weird

How can I become more enlightened?

With either a whole lot of drugs or volunteering you time to a good cause. Both are bad for you.

Ever been to a game of professional sport?

One game watching the Houston Astros in the old Astrodome. An older cousin and his wife got into a big fight, my dad threw a fit over their fighting etc, etc. I was waaaayyyyy too young to understand any of it. All in all it was a miserable outing.

Do you think tickets to professional sports games cost too much or waaaayyyy too much?

Waaaayyyy too much, especially since I dislike almost all kinds of sports.

What is your opinion on fanatical sports fans?

My opinion on them are that they should just leave me the fuck alone and they shouldn't try to ridicule reasons why I am faggot for not liking their sport or their team.

What have you been playing recently?

Crusader Kings II. Decided to restore the Persian Zoroastrian Empire.

Got plans for September?

Not really. Need a job, though.

Are you good at coming up with questions?

Yes, I always have questions though they aren't necessarily good ones.

What would you do if you had Mystique's shape-shifting powers?

Create scandals for all politicians I hate.

Which character from X-men would you like to be?

None, because I don't find any of them awesome over the other.

How is your day going?

Fine apart from the nagging feeling I should actually get some work done whilst sitting in the office.

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

You make him sit down and sober up, so that he can start doing his job.

Do you know what a Giantdad is?

...A very big father?

What smell makes you feel nostalgic?

An outside smell that I can recognise easily but cannot adequately describe, nor do I know the source of.. that reminds me of my youth living in a rural location. No, it's not dung.

Did you grow up in the countryside?

No but I just finished living there for three years.

Ever been overseas?

No, but when I win the lottery maybe I'll tour the world. :D

Have you ever sworn off alcoholic drinks?

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