Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Extremely so, but not so much of the ones where they try to make people say something by combining words and such. I often have trouble hearing exactly what the word was and then the video just continues and I forget about it.

Have you downloaded music from OCremix before?


Are you good at managing your funds?

Eh... sort of.

Do you think you're any good at all at fighting games?

No, not at all.

Have things gotten chilly for you, yet?

For a few weeks now there have been periods where it has felt warmer outside, than it is inside my flat. Our flat has problems.

What's the largest amount of money you've found in one way or another?

I found $20 dollars, I think. It was a long time ago.

Choose your path of EVIL: You are forced to kill either a baby or a kitten---No one will know which you chose: Which one would you most prefer to not kill?

I think I could more easily kill a kitten than a human baby. It's the physical side, as in, it's faster and easier to kill a kitten than a human baby, say, using one's bare hands. A baby would take longer and the sounds are much harder to drown out. Much greater force is needed to do it without dragging out the process. Something as excruciating as this needs to be done in one swipe, like having blood taken.
Of course, there's the reason "A kitten is less valuable than a human being!". In the situation, I won't think that way. There's the physical, emotional side that will affect me, most. It can be best avoided by killing the kitten. It's how normal human beings think, in fact, we avoid these events because they can cause us to be guilty, question ourselves and eventually we tear ourselves to pieces. But of course it all depends. This is just me. I'm not thick-skinned enough.

I should never take on these questions, I take them too seriously.

Here's a question with considerably less moral weight. If you could make one object edible, which would it be and what would it taste like?

.......Umm......I guess stones? Cause we got plenty of them? They would taste like.........chicken?

Are you planning on making some hard steps in your life to earn something good? Like for instance, going to a university or something like that?

I'm preparing for National Novel Writing Month and hope that one of the many literary agents who haunt the official site will notice my novel (when I finish it) and take an interest in publishing it.

Have you ever taken on a project (like mine) which you know will totally demand every-single-free-moment of your time for such an extended period? Note that I'll be working full time, getting ready to move, helping out with holiday preparations for Thanksgiving, and trying to find (make?) time to get some sleep, too.

I tried playing Defense of the Ancients once. Worst four months of my life, even with all the people trying to help me. Guess I never really found the time (i.e. all of it) to devote to even being slightly good at the game.

What's a game that you completely suck at, but you can't stop playing it despite that you constantly get your ass handed to you?

Erm, If I completely suck at a game I stop playing it and move on to something I'll have more fun with. I only play single player games these days.

If you could change one aspect of human history with no undesired negative repercussions (desired negative repercussions are ok though), what would it be and why?

I'm gonna get into trouble for saying this...I think that I'd say that I'd intervene with humanity becoming dependent upon fear of "after-life" punishments.

I want to leave that there to avoid R&P-level arguments. -_-

SOOO...on a lighter note...tacos or burritos? O_o

Actually neither of them to be honest. Always feel a bit ill in my stomach after eating them.

So you started planning on buying cristmas presents for your family and/or friends, or have you at least thought about it?

I never know what to get my family for Christmas. By this point, all of us pretty much have everything.

Have you ever played any of the Touhou Project games?

No. I don't even know what they are.

When was the last time you sunbathed? Ghostly pale nerds want to know! O.O

about 2 months ago during my summer vacation.

What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis?


Where did I put my chilli nuts?

Oh... were they yours..

do you think he poisoned those?

Not if he planned to eat them!

If you could have your torso replaced by one 3D shape to contain all your internal organs, which would it be?






It's now hitting the 30's (F) and the Farmers' Almanac is predicting a serious Cold Winter this year. So the question is...are YOU stocking up on ELECTRIC BLANKETS?!?!?!??!?

Yes I am.

Why is this thread dead?

It is because of a lack of moral fibre.

Why have they changed the Pepsi logo?

Why is this thread dead?

I felt so unloved. ;_;

OT: The Daughters of the Confederacy considered the logo to be too risque.

What would you want Santa to bring you for Christmas if there were ZERO limitations?

Tell that darn Santa to bring me back mah spasechip!

What happens when you introduce a box full of angry cats to a session of congress?


Where do I go to find work when I've mastered the arts of necromancy?

I heard the International Necrophiliac Society might be interested.

What is the best thing that ever happened to me?

That ice cream yesterday.

Where's the lamb sauce???

Right here chef!

If I threw a chair across the room and it traveled through the air at 1.5 meters per second, how long would it take for the owl make an odd face at the cow?

Approximately as long as it takes for the average human adult to regret flossing at the wheel, plus two point five seconds.

How d'you do?

Adequately for a Friday morning.

Is this overpowered?

Not if I can have one, too.

Do you drink the blue?

Only on days like today.

How do you feel about dark waters?

There are dread things in those waters I tell ye.

Who moved my cheese?

The Cheesoids.

Why is there no alfalfa in the break room?

Freddy is allergic.

What is that smell?

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