Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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I try not to, but occasionally I do... studying is boring...<.<

Are you gay? and I don't mean happy...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!...*ahem* No, I am straight.

Are you watching me sleep?

Who watches the watchmen?


How old is my dad?

In dog years, about 400

Political question now,
People's front of Judea or Judean People's Front?

PFJ, urge to tell you to eff off in a dead pan voice is high...

Straight edge or drinking?

I am eating pizza right now, not drinking. I do not know what 'straight edge' means.

When will the media stop talking about Romney?

When he drops his pants and takes a giant s**t on the White House lawn

Who wants to be my friend?

Me! Mmmmmm...tacos....

Why don't we get solar eclipses more often?

Because the sun likes to be seen more often

What's the best weapon to use against a zombie?


How many lemons does it take to lemon!?

Over 9000

What can I do for you?

Get Tizzy to stop guilt tripping me.

If the US Federal Gov. passed a law allowing US citizens to go naked anywhere in the country would you try going nude--if only for the experience?

Sure, then my pelvic thrusts will actually MEAN something

A limited time offer: If you wanted to say anything to me at all, what would it be?


Why is water wet?

Because if it was dry, that would be silly

Can you touch this?

Ewwww! I don't know where that's been!

Given that people tell others to go to hell, where would you tell a demon in Hell to go to?

GO TO PURGATORY! *smashes demons face*

How old is my floor?

As old as time itself.

How come I can't stop crying?

You're devastated that the last Twilight movie has been made.

Has anyone here ever actually READ the Twilight novels?

I'm sure someone has, but is too ashamed to admit it.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Probably hanging out with Waldo and Jimmy Hoffa

well why can't I?

Because there's too many to hold; some are bound to slip out!

What's the best way to get money in a relatively short amount of time?

Just be sure to wear a condom....

Why do even militant atheists believe 'there's something more' when Near Death Experiences occur to someone they know or love?

Because people are impressionable and easy to sway, even when they think they will never sway.

Why is the news so shitty?

Because the ones giving the news are shit.

Why do birds have beaks?

Because they don't want to conform to ducks and their bills. The friggen rebels.

When should you know you are too sick to post?

When you computer doesn't work because you barfed all over it.

Does anyone recognize my new avatar?[1]

[1] Which is all mine. Entirely mine. MINE-MINE-MINE-MINE-MINE!

Quite familiar, yes indeed

Can you dance when you want too?
Can you leave your friends behind?

My friends don't dance,
and since they don't dance,
they're no friends of yours. :(

Have you voted/posted on my Poll in Off topic about R&P?


Are you friends of mine if you don't dance?

Of course not! if they don;t dance they should burn in a chemical fire!

Will you get naked for me?

No but for money yes....

Do you remember any other treads like this?

Nope! but I remember some threads like this yes...<.<

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

I prefer the defunct New Coke, but only when I'm feeling masochistic. That stuff tasted nasty. Ick!

If I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper, he's a Pepper, and she's a Pepper then who's left who'd want to be a Pepper, too?

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